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Recap:// Attention Please 2008 Special

The cabin attendants of Attention Please aka アテンションプリーズ
The last installment of the Attention Please series once again shows that Misaki has regressed, but hopefully her enlightenment will take this time. Meanwhile, it's nice to see everyone back together again as we enjoy the beautiful landmarks of Australia.

This time a love connection will be made, but which couple shall it be? It's about time, as the original series came out in 2006, so we've been waiting years for romance to blossom!

Misaki being congratulated at a pageant for World's Best Cabin Attendant / The taxi driver wakes the sleeping Misaki.

Misaki wins the title of World's Best Cabin Attendant for 2008. Unfortunately, the taxi driver wakes her up from this glorious dream and she's off to work.

Hiroto, Misaki, Sekiyama, Wakamura and Higashino gather to chat. / Hirota and Misaki with comical expressions.

When the girls gather at the operation center, the talk turns to romance. Higashino is in love and Sekiyama is doing well with Tsutsumi. Hiroto tries to decide whether to retire glamorously with marriage, or stay single.

Asou and Maruyama talk to the group of cabin attendants.

Asou and Maruyama arrive to inform the girls that they have been chosen to participate in an event at Haneda airport as part of the Boom Up Committee.

Misaki played by Ueta Aya ( 上戸彩) (うえと あや), confronts Tsutsumi  played by Koiziumi Kotaro ( 小泉孝太郎 ).

On her way to the training center, Misaki sees Tsutsumi hitting on a trainee. She interrupts them and lets the trainee know that Tsutsumi is only a co-pilot, not a captain, and a playboy at that.

Mikami speaks to Misaki in front of a classroom of trainees.

Misaki once again gets sidetracked on her way to the committee meeting when she passes by Mikami's new class. They mistake her for their instructor at first, and she ends up staying and talking about her experiences as their senpai (senior). When instructor Mikami arrives, she introduces Misaki by name, and everyone has of course, heard of the infamous Misaki before.

Misaki joins the girls who are assembled at a conference table.

Misaki runs off to the meeting that she had forgotten all about. Her excuse for her tardiness is that she was asked to teach the trainees.

Otomo Minami ( 大友みなみ ) as Higashino, Uehara Misa ( 上原美佐 ) ( うえはら みさ ) as Hirota, Fueki Yuko ( 笛木優子 ) ( ふえき ゆうこ ) as Asou, and Mano Yuko ( 眞野裕子 ) ( まの ゆうこ ) as Murayama.

Asou and Maruyama fill her in on what the advertising department said before they left. In addition to providing excellent cabin service, cabin attendants must come up with new ways of being helpful to customers and "boom up" the company's image. The ideas they had come up with so far were a posture talk hosted by cabin attendants, or a beauty talk based on cabin attendants as role models.

The girls are excited to have decided on a project.

Misaki suggests forming a rock band and going on a national concert tour. Sekiyama proposes making videos of their destinations to post online. Higashino adds that they can include information on local points of interest such as restaurants and tourist attractions.

Misaki, Wakamura and Sekiyama with comical faces. / Asou and Maruyama look puzzled after Asou's sneeze.

Misaki gets excited about making a video for the world to see. She starts fantasizing about Misaki Yoko's Everything About the World Movie. Some trainees walk past whispering about how Misaki stepped in dog poo. Misaki happily thinks she's being admired by the new girls. Wakamura mentions that it's more like being laughed at, but Misaki tells her not to be jealous.

Sekiyama points out that fresh new young trainees are coming in; they themselves are going to be so preoccupied with work that they'll be 30 before they know it and then they'll start to wilt.  Just then, Asou sneezes and Maruyama wonders if she's getting sick. (Sekiyama and Maruyama have hit the 30 mark and are sensitive about it.)

Misaki and Wakamura played by Aibu Saki ( 相武紗季 ) ( あいぶ さき ), listen to Otsuka Chihiro ( 大塚ちひろ ) ( おおつか ちひろ ) as Sekiyama, confide her woes.

Sekiyama confides that Tsutsumi is getting colder and he's not interested in her anymore. With more young girls and cute trainees coming in, retiring after marriage will be impossible.

Sekiyama and Wakamura lecture Misaki.

Wakamura asks how Misaki is doing with Nakahara. Misaki says it's too early to think about the future. Wakamura warns her that Nakahara has been in India for three months, and if Misaki keeps hesitating, he'll be snatched away by a gorgeous woman in a sari.

Misaki talks to Engineer Watanabe played by Koichi Mantaro ( 小市慢太郎 ).

As Misaki is walking along, she wonders what the big deal is about marriage. Engineer watanabe catches up to her and mentions that Nakahara is working hard to be a leader in India. He's surprised when Misaki says she hasn't heard from him at all since his sudden departure.

Misaki see Nakahara, played by Nishikido Ryo ( 錦戸亮 )  (にしきど りょう ). / She stares off into the night when she realizes he's not there.

That night as Misaki watches the planes, she hears Nakahara call out to her. But when she turns around, he's not there.

Hirota and Higashino cling to the other cabin attendants.

The next day, Asou tells Misaki and Wakamura that the advertising department approved of the video idea and Misaki volunteers to be the leader. While they're doubting her, Hirota and Higashino run up to the group, terrified of a creepy man who has been following them.

Wakamura's father looks star struck, while Asou plasters on a fake smile.

Misaki and Wakamura investigate and find that it's Wakamura's father. He had been making a delivery to the mechanics and brought food for them as well. He greets Asou whom he has long admired.

Ueno disagrees with Mikami in the model cabin while the class looks on. / Ueno has an attitude while speaking with Misaki.

New trainee, Ueno, argues with Mikami in training. Later in the lobby, she introduces herself to Misaki and Wakamura. She asks Misaki if she had really wanted to be a rock singer in the past. She also inquired about the time Misaki had stolen a uniform and about her record of being held back for more training. Misaki clarifies that she had only borrowed the uniform. Ueno tells her that she's better suited for being a rock singer.

The girls get a treatment at the spa.

The girls go to a spa and Misaki relates that the stories she told the trainees probably weren't that interesting. They learn faster and are more capable. Wakamura says they win with skills, but the trainees win with smiles. They lose with their strength too. Sekiyama doesn't want to age. Misaki affirms that the trainees are just newborn babies that they can torture during OJT.

Misaki speaks with Mikami, played by Maya Miki ( 真矢みき ) ( まや みき ).

Misaki sees Mikami who has come to Narita for a meeting. She mentions Ueno, and Mikami asks her if she is interested in raising trainees. Misaki thinks she's suitable for it. Mikami remarks that she doesn't know how long she'll be able to remain as an instructor.

Wakamura, Misaki and Hirota lean against the bathroom stall door. / Inside the stall, Sekiyama sits with her head in her hands.

Misaki goes to the restroom and finds a crowd gathered there. Sekiyama has locked herself in a stall and has decided to just live there. Wakamura and Hirota have been pleading with her to come out. Sekiyama tells them that she saw Tsutsumi with a young cabin attendant, asking to be introduced to someone, and then he had held the girl's hands.

Hirota, Mikami and Wakamura listen anxiously as Tsutsumi speaks to Sekiyama through the bathroom stall door.

Misaki runs out to grab Tsutsumi. She brings him back to the restroom and the crowd of women runs out. He tries to explain to Sekiyama that the girl he was talking to was just introducing him to someone famous among the pilots. Sekiyama says that she doesn't want to hear such excuses. He tells her that if she doesn't believe him, then she can just stay in there forever.

Inoue Jun ( 井上順 )  (いのうえ じゅん ) as Director Dazai Sinichiro, talks to Mikami in the corridor.

Director Dazai tells Mikami's new class that they will all be going on to OJT (On the Job Training). While the two walk out, Mikami says she has something to ask of him regarding the assignments. Dazai mentions that this might be her last class.

Mikami speaks to Ueno, played by Shimizu Yuki ( 清水由紀 ) at the model cabin.

Misaki borrows a video camera from the office and goes off to record in the model cabin. She sees Ueno there dozing off. She tells her that she hopes she learns a thing or two in OJT. Ueno says that it was easy to advance to OJT and she's glad that the tedious training is over because it was annoying to have Mikami find fault in everything she did. Misaki explains to her that if she can't do well in practice, she won't do well in front of the customer. Ueno retorts that they're just flying waitresses, and even a rock singer can do it. Misaki wants to argue, but her phone rings.

Misaki and Wakamura stand over her the bed where her father, played by Asano Kazuyuki ( 浅野和之 ) is resting at the hospital.

Wakamura calls to tell Misaki that her father has collapsed and Misaki rushes to the hospital to meet them. There, Wakamura's father is less happy and energetic, but they are told he was just over-stressed. Wakamura thinks about what will happen if her father really needs her to take care of him and look after the restaurant.

Misaki lectures a defiant Ueno.

Misaki gets called for an overseas flight and finds out that she is Ueno's OJT instructor. As Ueno makes mistakes, she gets away with it by being cute. Misaki tells her that she needs to work on her efficiency and suggests training from the beginning again. Ueno argues that she's already been advanced to OJT so Misaki should just accept that she lost.

Misaki speaks with Mikami in the model cabin.

Misaki finds Mikami in the model cabin and asks her why Ueno was able to pass onto OJT with her attitude and level of service. Misaki says that if she were her instructor, she would not have let her pass.

Mikami reminds Misaki that she said she would make a good instructor and asks why she thinks that way. Misaki answers that since she's gotten used to her job, she can look after those around her. She was also chosen to be on the Boom Up Committee, so she's not only thinking about what she can do as a cabin attendant, but also what she can do for the company.

Mikami asks her what she's trying to "boom up". Misaki says that from now on, with them as the force at the center, they're going to take the company to its peak. Mikami tells her that if she has that much confidence, let her see how she does on-board since they're scheduled to fly to Sidney together.

In the lobby, Mikami speaks to Captain Sakurada, played by Kohinata Fumiyo ( 小日向文世 ) ( こひなた ふみよ ).

In the lobby, Captain Sakurada sees Mikami and congratulates her on her move. He tells her that it means she has been valued as a cabin attendant and instructor. But it's also sad because he's been training the pilots and she's been training the cabin attendants who take to the sky together, and now they won't be able to do that anymore. Mikami wonders if her new position will suit her. Sakurada tells her that if she's undecided, they can decide it with bowling.

Misaki looks up at the sky with a tortured look.

On her way to work, Misaki steps in dog poo again.

Sekiyama looks despondent while Wakamura and Misaki try to get her interested in the brochures they're looking at.

Misaki is excited to be working with Wakamura and Sekiyama. They gather information for the video they will be shooting. Wakamura suggests going to see the Three Sisters, located in the Blue Mountain Natural Heritage National Park. She relates the legend:

Sekiyama, Wakamura and Misaki have their heads put on animated bodies. / A picture of the rock formations from the brochure. / The girls' heads are now on sparkling piles of stone.

A long time ago, there were three beautiful sisters. "That's like us!" Misaki says. To protect his three daughters from the devil, their father used his magical bone to turn them into rocks.

Wakamura's father's head on the animated body of a bird. / The girls' heads on the rock formation.

Their father then transformed into a bird, but lost his bone somewhere. So until this day, the sisters cannot return to their original forms.

Misaki says it can't be helped and the story reminds her of  Wakamura's father. She asks how his checkup went and Wakamura assures her that it was just stress.

Wakamura and Misaki look at Sekiyama in puzzlement as she appears to be hopeful.

Just then, Sekiyama seems to come alive. She says that they are destined to marry and she's determined to go to the Three Sisters. Wakamura and Misaki are confused and check the book again wondering where it says that.

The cabin attendants gathered around a table for their meeting. / Misaki smiles towards Mikami who seems to be ignoring her.

During the pre-flight briefing, Misaki speaks about Australian policies on protecting the environment and advises everyone to inform the passengers that they're not allowed to bring in any food containing eggs or meat. She looks to see if Mikami is pleased with her, but Mikami doesn't even glance up from her notes. 

Misaki goes on to say that they should be careful of seeds that may germinate and dirt or soil on their shoes. Everyone stops and looks pointedly at her, and she assures them that she wiped her shoes properly this time.

Tsutsumi tries to talk to an unresponsive Sekiyama. / Tsutsumi stands alone.

On their way to the plane, Misaki catches Tsutsumi and brings him over to apologize to Sekiyama. She ignores him and tells the girls to come along. Tsutsumi, left behind, asks if he isn't the one who should be angry.

On the flight, Misaki rushes around being super efficient. She finishes busing her aisle, then goes to help Sekiyama. One of the passengers is asleep when she takes her tray and cup. Then she cleans the bathroom for Wakamura. Mikami is aware of her industriousness, but doesn't acknowledge anything.

The girls go through the rubbish in the galley. / Misaki holds up the found contact lens and the girls smile in relief.

Later, the passenger tells Misaki that the cup held her contact lens. Misaki comes back to the galley and frantically searches for it. The other girls gather to help. Mikami comes to report that the cabin temperature is low and Sekiyama gets up to check it. The girls continue to search, checking the floor with flashlights.

Finally as Misaki is drooping in the galley, she finds the lens on some plastic and returns it to the passenger.

Mikami lectures Misaki without looking at her.

Misaki tells Mikami that the situation has been taken care of. Mikami warns her to be more careful to avoid worrying the passengers.

 Mikami and the girls oversee Misaki's back search by security.

Misaki is stopped at baggage claim again. It turns out that a small bag that a previous passenger had given to her as a good luck charm, contained seeds. 

Mikami and Misaki look serious on the shuttle to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel, Mikami tells Misaki to take responsibility for herself. Tsutsumi tries to diffuse the tension by pointing out how nice their surroundings are. Cars drive on the left like in Japan and there's almost no time difference.

Mikami says, "In this land of sightseeing, one might consider looking at themselves in self-reflection." Misaki understands that it's directed at her. She suggests that they film the movie as soon as they arrive. Wakamura has to be woken up, but she agrees.

Misaki grabs Tsutsumi's arm to talk to him. / Wakamura tries to appeal to a stubborn Sekiyama.

Once at the hotel, the girls invite Mikami to go with them to gather material for their video since she's familiar with Sydney, but she says she has plans. Tsutsumi approaches the group and asks if he should make dinner arrangements for everyone, but Sekiyama turns away. Misaki tells him to understand Sekiyama's feelings and Tsutsumi points out that she's the one with the attitude. Meanwhile, Wakamura suggests to Sekiyama that she should apologize.

Views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

Misaki takes turns being filmed and then filming Wakamura and Sekiyama in front of the Sydney Opera House.

The girls start filming in front of the opera house.

Sekiyama poses in front of the bridge, but when she's filming, she catches sight of Tsutsumi talking with a woman.

Later, Sekiyama spots Tsutsumi with another woman. Misaki gets impatient when Wakamura disappears and she finds her on the phone.

Misaki plays with the wallabies while Wakamura films.

Next they visit Featherdale Wildlife Park where they're able to interact with the animals.

Wakamura and Sekiyama seem wilted as they rest on a bench. / Misaki enthusiastically shows them on a map where they're going next.

At Darling Harbor, Misaki is as energetic as usual. While she looks over the materials, Sekiyama is despondent and Wakamura dozes.

The girls hang the baby kangaroo's pounch on a tree branch. / Wakamura and Sekiyama sink onto the bench in exhaustion while Misaki urges them to continue searching.

Misaki rushes the girls off to Sydney Wildlife Rescue. The staff allow the girls to watch over a baby kangaroo in a homemade pouch. Misaki takes it to a filming location, but wants to move a bench for shooting. They hang the pouch on a tree branch and move the bench, only to discover that the baby has escaped. The girls search until they are exhausted, but luckily a staff member finds the kangaroo.

The girls bow to the Sydney Wildlife Rescue staff member who found the baby kangaroo.

The girls apologize and the staff member admonishes them that wild animals are not the same as pets. Misaki decides that they should stop filming for the day.

Misaki sits on a park bench overlooking the cityscape and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Misaki spends some time reflecting at a park with a view of the city.

Mikami walks with an Australian man. / Misaki watches them closely.

She is surprised to see Mikami with a man who greets her warmly.

Tsutsumi, Mikami and Misaki sit in the dining area while Wakamura and Sekiyama distances themselves.

That night, Tsutsumi arranges for them all to have dinner on a boat that takes them around the harbor. He tries to engage Sekiyama, but she avoids him. Mikami asks about their filming and Misaki changes the subject. Wakamura goes off to call her father.

Wakamura in a gift shop. / Wakamura and Sekiyama film Misaki on a street.

The next day, Wakamura is late meeting the others because she was searching for her father's gift. Misaki scolds her when she arrives and they go off to film in the various locations Misaki drags them to. 

Wakamura and Misaki struggle with the bag. / The broken koala figurine. / Wakamura looks at the broken souvenir in anger, Misaki defiant behind her, and Sekiyama looking troubled.

Finally, Wakamura asks if they can take a break. Misaki explains that they don't have time because she was so late. They start to argue and Sekiyama tries unsuccessfully to diffuse the situation. Misaki asks her whose side she's on and Sekiyama answers, "Both." Misaki remarks that it's because of her indecisive attitude that Tsutsumi plays around. 

Wakamura tells her to stop being selfish; she and Sekiyama are painfully going through hardships and Misaki doesn't understand at all. That is why the kouhais (juniors) are all saying that even Misaki the Dunce can be a cabin attendant. 

Misaki grabs Wakamura's shopping bag and in the struggle, the koala figurine breaks. Misaki says it's fine if she give her money for it. Wakamura storms off. Sekiyama tells Misaki that she's disappointed in her, and Misaki leaves.

Wakamura doesn't notice the view behind her as she has tea. / Sekiyama cries under a tree.

The girls take some time for themselves. Wakamura has tea above the city. Sekiyama weeps in the park.

Mikami and Misaki sit together on a park bench.

Mikami sees Misaki on her bench and asks her how the filming is going. Misaki tells her that sometimes she does everything wrong. The kouhai don't respect her, and her friends have turned away from her. They told her that she doesn't have worries, but she does worry about what she'll be doing in the future and if she'll ever get married. At work she doesn't handle kouhai or her friends well.

Misaki and Mikami sit on a bench with a view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Mikami tells her that there was a woman who was confident and competitive; who worked harder as she took on more responsibility. The harder she worked, the more distanced she became from others until she got overwhelmed and lost her confidence. She was able to come to Australia and renew herself. Then she realized that even if there was a big wall in front of her, she could do only one thing at a time to overcome it. Misaki understands that Mikami is talking about herself.

Mikami and Misaki stand near the tree Mikami planted when she was Misaki's age.

As they stand before the tree that Mikami planted all those years ago, she tells Misaki that she's been offered the position of Cabin Services Planning Manager at Administrative Headquarters. Part of her still thinks she should teach, but she doesn't know whether she's attached to the job or just afraid of failing at something new. The only thing she can say, is that you're the only one who can overcome your wall.

Tsutsumi hugs a blonde woman. / Sekiyama slaps him. / Sekiyama looks upset. / Tsutsumi kneels on the ground holding his cheek.

The next day, Sekiyama spots Tsutsumi hugging a woman. She slaps him, then tells him that she's going to go die.

Misaki apologizes to Wakamura and gives her the clumsily repaired koala figurine.

Misaki waits for the others at their prearranged meeting place. When no one comes, she gets up to leave and sees Wakamura approaching. Misaki gives her the figurine that she pasted back together. She had found almost all the pieces. She apologizes to Wakamura for being so distracted by making the movie that she didn't notice her or Sekiyama's feelings. She asks how Wakamura's father is doing. Wakamura says that they found something in the secondary exam, but he'll be fine with treatment. He had asked her to bring back something that would make him laugh, and he'll be surprised by the souvenir.

Misaki, Tsutsum and Wakamura pick up the brochures that fell out of Sekiyama's bag.

Tsutsumi rushes over and asks if they've seen Sekiyama. The slap mark is apparent on his cheek. He tells them what happened and they frantically look for their missing friend. Tsutsumi bumps into someone and the contents of Sekiyama's bag spills onto the steps. Misaki sees the flyer for the Three Sisters and they decide to go there since Wakamura had found out that Sekiyama had gotten into a taxi.

Tsutsumi and the girls get out of the taxi. / The girls run behind a fence with a "No Access" sign posted.

Once at Echo Point, the girls leave Tsutsumi to pay the taxi. It's $230 and he realizes too late that he forgot his wallet. He begs the driver to trust him. 

Sekiyama stands over a breathtaking landscape. / Misaki and Wakamura are even more worried when they spot Sekiyama.

The girls search everywhere, and finally go into a restricted area where they spot Sekiyama on a rocky outcropping.

Wakamura and Misaki make their way closer to Sekiyama.

Sekiyama tells them that whether it's work, marriage or kouhai, she can't seem to do anything right. The girls tell her not to be bothered by a loser like Tsutsumi, but Sekiyama insists that they not badmouth him. She can't hate him, and she wants to support him in becoming a captain. Mikami urges her to tell him, to get her feelings across. She says that she's lucky that Tsutsumi is always around. Nakahara is far away and never contacts her, so she doesn't know what's going on with him. She tells Sekiyama not to be crushed by her own wall.

Wakamura awkwardly crouches and holds out his arms to Sekiyama as he proclaims his love. Sekiyama and Tsutsumi hold each other.

The girls tell Sekiyama that she can do it and beg her not to die. Sekiyama tells them that she had just come out here to cry out loud, but got pulled into the beautiful scenery. At that point Tsutsumi arrives and his fear of heights kicks in, but he nervously and awkwardly reaches out to Sekiyama anyway.

He tells her that she's the only one for him. She's the daughter of the famous Captain Sekiyama, so meeting him as a co-pilot won't be enough. Tsutsumi is trying to become a captain as fast as possible. He asks Sekiyama to marry him when he becomes a captain. They hug and then Tsutsumi asks to borrow money for the taxi, at which point Sekiyama pushes him away.

Misaki with her arms around Wakamura and Sekiyama. / The girls come across a lookout point where they have a good view of the Three Sisters rock formation.

Wakamura apologizes to Misaki for the things she had said the day before. She tells the girls that she's going to have a proper talk with her father and solve her problems on her own. Misaki and Sekiyama say that they will always be there to help. The girls are happy when they finally spot the Three Sisters.

The captain and Tsutsumi giving the briefing to the cabin attendants in the plane.

During the pre-flight meeting, the captain announces that Tsutsumi will be in charge of the touchdown. Tsutsumi wonders why everyone is so nervous as he's the one who should be feeling nervous.

Misaki and Mikami smile at each other over the service cart.

Misaki is relaxed, calm and giving excellent service to her passengers, instead of rushing around trying to do everyone's work. Mikami rewards her with a smile.

Tsutsumi looks serious in the cockpit. / Misaki and Wakamura oversee the passengers. / Ueno and her classmates watch the monitors anxiously.

When it's time to land, a warning light goes on indicating a problem with the landing gear. Tsutsumi is forced to do a flyby, meanwhile the passengers are getting impatient and the crew works to keep everyone calm. The trainees are touring the operation center at the time and witness all the communication going on between the different departments. Mikami asks Tsutsumi to make the announcement to the cabin letting the passengers know what's going on. He's nervous, but manages to give a confident speech, making it easier for the cabin attendants. 

Watanabe and the engineers on the runway. / The aircraft making its flyby.

Engineer Watanabe and his team assemble on the runway with binoculars as the airplane goes past and is able to confirm that all the landing gear is down. Tsutsumi lands the plane smoothly much to everyone's relief.

Misaki and Ueno speak in the airport lobby.

At the airport, Ueno tells Misaki that she won't lose to her; she'll be the best cabin attendant in Japan. Misaki asks, "Why not the world?" Ueno smiles.

Misaki looks at Mikami in admiration.

Mikami tells Misaki that she's taking the new job. Misaki says that she will become the best cabin attendant in the world, and then become the best instructor so she can pass on to others how wonderful the work is. But Mikami will always be the world's best instructor to her.

The girls look at the computer monitor, reading the comments on their video.

The videos are uploaded onto the company's homepage and the girls are excited at all the comments they are receiving. Then they notice one from Nakahara in Delhi that simply says, "Misaki, genki?" (How are you? / Are you fine?) They're all excited and Misaki gets embarrassed.

Higashino, Hirota, Misaki, Sekiyama and Wakamura smile as Attention Please comes to an end.

Higashino, Hirota, Misaki, Sekiyama and Wakamura are on their way to a flight. Misaki says she is working to win the World's Best Cabin Attendant Competition and Hirota asks her if she's hit her head. Misaki tells them that they have to have big dreams. They are cabin attendants who fly all over the world. She declares, "We'll become number one!"

The girls all end with comic expressions before the credits roll.

"Alright!" they exclaim, "We'll become number one!"

It was a nice last visit with Attention Please. Although it leaves me with little faith in Misaki, since she keeps becoming a calm, competent cabin attendant, only to regress with each special, and has the relearn what it means to be a cabin attendant over and over. I guess that's how life is, though, regression and relearning is a common theme.

Though the ever frustrating Misaki/Nakahara romance never reached culmination, and Captain Sakurada seems to have missed the boat (or plane) where Mikami was concerned, it was nice to see Tsutsumi and Sekiyama finally make progress.

It was a fluffy, silly series, but Attention Please did have me reflecting on my past jobs and how I could have done better, or at least have had a better attitude, so there was a deeper theme running through it. There's a Misaki in all of us, we just have to make her the best that she can be.

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