Friday, March 14, 2014

White Day 2014

It's White Day!

What? You don't know what White Day is? Omo. Let me explain.

Feb 14th is Valentine's Day. In the states that means you give people you love, like etc. candies, chocolates, flowers, cards, presents all sorts of lovey dovey stuff. In many Asian countries it is the girl who gives boys candy. It's usually handmade chocolates, to show love and effort. If they aren't that special then store bought is ok. lol.

March 14th is White Day. It's now the girls turn to receive. Boys now give candies/chocolates, etc to the girls they like.

On a sadder note for us lonely people, April 14th is Singles Day where you eat black bean noodles all by your lonesome. An even sadder day for us is June 14th which is Kiss Day and you have to kiss someone. lol.

Many idols have been hitting up the social media networks like Twitter and Youtube to share some White Day Love to their fandoms. Here is where I post some of my favorites.








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