Tuesday, March 11, 2014

They Look Alike:// Ravi VS Baro

This is a little segment known as They Look Alike. It's pretty self explanatory.
VIXX's Ravi and B1A4's Baro are the first set on my radar. Why? Because I love them and have found myself calling them the wrong name plenty of times. I can tell the difference between the two, but that definitely doesn't stop the occasional slip of the tongue. Let's compare now, shall we?

Stage Name: RAVI (of VIXX) BARO (of B1A4)
Real Name: Kim Wonshik Cha Sun Woo
Date of Birth: Feb. 15, 1993 Sept. 5, 1992
Position: Main Rapper Main Rapper

Do you think Ravi and Baro look alike?

Baro starred in Reply 1994 and is in God's Gift-14 Days which is currently airing.

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