Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday April Week 4!


Kim Kwang Soo (Supernova)
Lee Jung Hyuk
Lee Soo (M.C. the Max)
Oh Min Suk
Park Chul Ho
Yang Hyun Woo


Cha Jae Dol
Lee Bo Hyun


Kim Sung Tae
Kwangmin (Boyfriend)
Nakta (Topp Dogg)
Sebin (Snuper)
Son Chang Min
Suh Joon Young
Youngmin (Boyfriend)


Jay Park
Jung Woo


Kang Dae Sung (Big Bang)


Choi Min Shik
Hyoseok (LEDApple)
Hyungmoon (Tritops)
Im dong Jin
Sung Dong Il


Sunggyu (Infinite)
Wonpil (DAY6)


Changyong (100%)
Moon Hyo Joon (A-Jax)
Moon Yong Suk


Jung Yoon Suk
Na Yoon
Wooyoung (2PM)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Birthday April Week 3!


Heo Joon Ho
Jo Jae Wan
Kim Hyo Bin (2000 Won)
Kim Min Sang
Oh Ji Ho
Seo Do Young


Kim Min Kyo
Kim Suk Hoon
Kim Tae Woo
Lee Yong Woo
Minsu (Boy's Republic)
Yoon Hyun Min


Jaewook (TOUCH)
Yohan (N.O.M)


Baek Seung Hwan
Chulmin (TOUCH)
Jung Dong Ha
Lee Joon Ki
Sung Si Kyung


Go Myung Hwan
Hyun Suk
Kwak Hee Sung
Lee Jong Bak
Oh Ji Hun
Song Young Kyu


BaRon (VAV)
Himchan (B.A.P)
Kim Duk Hyun
Kim Hyun Joon
Jung Ui Chul
Ray (C-Clown)
Seo Hyun Chul
You Hee Yeol (Toy)


Choi Min Yong
Hwang Chan Woo
Kyosong (LEDApple)
Luhan (EXO-M)
Shin Choong Shik


Bae Do Hwan
Im Hyun Sung
Kangjun (C-Clown)
Kim Ji Suk
Kim Ki Bok
Kim Min Chan
Kang Tae Ki
Lee Tae Sung
Yoo Hyun Soo

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A247 x International Fangirl: "Feels So Good" to Give-Away

International Fangirl is a proud sponsor of Asia 24/7's 5th Anniversary Week. We're kicking it off by giving away one copy of B.A.P's Carnival album.  Enter to win by:

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The winner will be announced on April 22nd.  Good luck!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Review:// High-End Crush

High-End Crush is a 20-episode web drama about the CEO of an entertainment company who has everything he could want until he meets a woman that he can't bend to his will. Choi Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo) is cold, temperamental and arrogant. He also has the golden touch, so everyone caters to him. Yoo Yi Ryung (Jin Se Yun) was raised in the mountains by her grandfather who passed away. She had no clue about the entertainment world, but finds herself caught up in Choi Se Hoon's business anyway.

The Good:  Jung Il Woo was completely and thoroughly amazing in his role. He was explosive, funny, tender, and fully invested in all of his scenes. The bromance between Choi Se Hoon and Section Chief Heo (Lee Shi Un) was hilarious and touching. They had more chemistry (and I think more love from the viewers) than the main couple did. The side characters were funny and distinct, and having Bora and Monsta X in the mix was a fun bonus.

The great thing about a web series is that you get your kdrama trope fix in under 20 minutes. The pacing is fast, and each episode ends at a tantalizing moment, keeping interest high. High-End Crush did not falter in this respect and I was glad I waited until all episodes were out so I could marathon to my heart's content.

The Bad: Jin Se Yun. I don't understand how she gets cast for major roles opposite talented actors. She's one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. Her mind appeared to be blank throughout the drama, and she just looked off to the side as her go-to expression. Luckily Jung Il Woo is powerful enough as an actor that he created chemistry all on his own. Jin Se Yun contributed nothing. I can only imagine that her family has connections to get her into these roles. Such a shame because this drama could have been perfect if only she wasn't in it.

Still, I have to stress that Jung Il Woo and Lee Shi Un make High-End Crush worth watching. I highly recommend it to those who like a good romantic comedy that highlights an awesome bromance.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Birthday April Week 2!


Choi Si Won (Super Junior)
Hanhae (PHANTOM)
Heo Tae Hee
Jeon Joon Hong
Kim Dong Suk
Kim Gab Soo
Woojin (Sweet Sorrow)


Bang Joong Hyun
Jang Yong
Jay Kim
Jonghyun (SHINee)
Jung Ho Bin


U-Kwon (Block B)


Gong Hyung Jin
Jung Eun Woo
Kim Jung Wook
Lee Kwang Ki


Julien Kang
Minhyuk (M.A.P.6)
Yoo Yun Suk


Lee Hyun Jae
Sehun (EXO-K)


Kim In Moon
Mizushima Hiro
Yoo Ji Tae

Friday, April 1, 2016

Review:// One More Happy Ending

One More Happy Ending is a 16-episode romantic comedy about a group of ex-idols, now 30-somethings, who are looking for fulfillment in their relationships. The story centers around Han Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) who owns a matchmaking company for divorcees, and who is desperate to marry for the second time herself. Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) is a single dad and gossip rag reporter who had a one sided crush on Han Mi Mo in elementary school. The two run into each other while Song Soo Hyuk is pursuing a story, and discover that they live right across the hall from each other.

The Good:  There were a lot of charming scenes that make this a very likeable drama. The two men in our romantic triangle were heartfelt, and then there was Conan O'Brien whose Korean was painful to listen to, but I applaud him for doing it. 

As a bonus, there were period scenes parodying other dramas that poked fun at our triangle. The flashback scenes from Han Mi Mo and Song Soo Hyuk's childhood were also cute and touching. Child actors, Lee Young Eun and Choi Kwon Soo did a great job.

There was bromance! Emotional and hilarious bromantic scenes between Song Soo Hyuk and Goo Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) in addition to their college-days flashbacks made for a painful conflict when they both went for the same woman. 

Aside from our triangle (and Conan), the rest of the characters are compelling. Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) is a style-challenged elementary school teacher, desperate for love, but her relationships always come with complications. Baek Da Jung (Yoo Da In) is trying to keep her family together, but her husband wants out of the cold marriage they have. Hong Ae Ran (Seo In Young) struggles with business and aging, and is hesitant to settle down with the man she's dating. Each character grew and changed as they learned from their relationships, and there were some twists and turns along the way making the story somewhat unpredictable.

The Bad:  Our leading and second leading man were attractive and evoked sympathy while they were single, but once they were in a relationship, they were completely obnoxious. I really couldn't stand either of them. And once Han Mi Mo stopped being a vapid goldfish, the obstacles thrown in to trip up the main couple's pairing were superficial and silly. The side characters had storylines that were more interesting and meaningful. If some of that authenticity could have been applied to the main couple, especially towards the end, I think the drama would have come together better.

The lack of substance and cohesiveness with the main storyline is what probably hurt its ratings. One More Happy Ending finished with a nationwide AGB Nielsen rating of 3.0%, though it averaged 5.2% overall. Despite the drama's flaws, it was entertaining and ended in a satisfactory way, so it's worth watching once you're caught up with your other dramas and want something to pass the time. 

Happy Birthday April Week 1!


Dong Lim (DMTN)
Jung Hae In
Lee Joon Hyuk
No Young Hak
Park Sung Min
Yoo In Suk


Kim Jae Wook (Walrus)
Seo Jae Hyung (A-Jax)
Shin Jae Ha


King (LC9)
Lee Cham
Park Jung Min (SS501)


Eun Hyuk (Super Junior)
Jung Ui Kap
Kim Jin Ho
Seo Dong Won
Young Sky (One Way)


Kim Jae Man
Lee Joo Hyun
Park Sang Won
Uhm Tae Woong


Ken (VIXX)
Kim Kyu Chul
Lee Yoo Jin
Mingyu (Seventeen)


Choi Si Won (Super Junior)
Hanhae (PHANTOM)
Heo Tae Hee
Jeon Joon Hong
Kim Dong Suk
Kim Gab Soo
Woojin (Sweet Sorrow)