Friday, April 8, 2016

Review:// High-End Crush

High-End Crush is a 20-episode web drama about the CEO of an entertainment company who has everything he could want until he meets a woman that he can't bend to his will. Choi Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo) is cold, temperamental and arrogant. He also has the golden touch, so everyone caters to him. Yoo Yi Ryung (Jin Se Yun) was raised in the mountains by her grandfather who passed away. She had no clue about the entertainment world, but finds herself caught up in Choi Se Hoon's business anyway.

The Good:  Jung Il Woo was completely and thoroughly amazing in his role. He was explosive, funny, tender, and fully invested in all of his scenes. The bromance between Choi Se Hoon and Section Chief Heo (Lee Shi Un) was hilarious and touching. They had more chemistry (and I think more love from the viewers) than the main couple did. The side characters were funny and distinct, and having Bora and Monsta X in the mix was a fun bonus.

The great thing about a web series is that you get your kdrama trope fix in under 20 minutes. The pacing is fast, and each episode ends at a tantalizing moment, keeping interest high. High-End Crush did not falter in this respect and I was glad I waited until all episodes were out so I could marathon to my heart's content.

The Bad: Jin Se Yun. I don't understand how she gets cast for major roles opposite talented actors. She's one of the worst actresses I've ever seen. Her mind appeared to be blank throughout the drama, and she just looked off to the side as her go-to expression. Luckily Jung Il Woo is powerful enough as an actor that he created chemistry all on his own. Jin Se Yun contributed nothing. I can only imagine that her family has connections to get her into these roles. Such a shame because this drama could have been perfect if only she wasn't in it.

Still, I have to stress that Jung Il Woo and Lee Shi Un make High-End Crush worth watching. I highly recommend it to those who like a good romantic comedy that highlights an awesome bromance.

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