Friday, June 28, 2013

Review:// Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen starts off in classic fashion:  Boy Meets Girl, Girl Dislikes Boy, Girl Sees Boy's Pee Pee - wait, what?!  Okay, so that was a little left of "classic", but quite memorable.  I saw the film with my mother and days later she asked me which drama we were watching that had the little girl seeing the pee pee.  "That was Dancing Queen, not a drama." I said.  That scene may have been a little too distracting if the movie's message isn't what made it memorable, but nonetheless, it was very entertaining.

Monday, June 24, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// Girls Day: Female President

Yes, Batzy finally posts a girl group video.

So here's the Video Breakdown:
The Song: Upbeat with nice vocal harmony. Catchy as hell.
The Message: Girl Power. Not waiting for a man to take control. Taking it upon yourself to go and take opportunity. Why can't girl's make the first move? Rawr~
The English: Bare minimum. But it makes sense so I can't complain.

These girls rocketed from sweet and innocent to sexy in this video. Love the use of bright colors, especially Pink. <3

Their skin is flawless in the shots of white.

Though the are quite cute, the video includes some sexy silhouette dancing.

A seriously short skirt shot.

And some "friendliness" between members.

Check it out for yourself.

Friday, June 21, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// LED Apple: Bad Boys (Featuring: Kang Yebin)

I am going to start off by saying that I love LED Apple. I think its amazing how they play instruments like a band rather than a cluster of flower boys, thrown together to entertain with visuals as their strong point.

I'm a fan of their Music Note, where they do covers and get to show their fun and silly antics every now and then. And of course I watch Hanbyul's Blah Blah, which went from him quickly reviewing the Billboard charts and rambling, to having him teach Korean and involving the other members.

I will not add screenshots to this post and keep it short and sweet. I have issues with the boys stylist. I do not like their outfits at all, nor the feel of the video. I think the colors should have been dumbed down to something a little more classy dark and sexy for the video. Guess thats just the graphic designer in me screaming out. I was expecting an awesome comeback and have a feeling this song will not grow on me.

I think Kyumin is awesome in this song. His vocals are quite strong.I do like the little solos they give each member to let them shine for a sec or two but here are some down falls. What I do NOT like is the English usage, or the Spanish usage in this single.

"I say Ole, Ole, Ole." What, are you a matador. Who says that?
"Viva la loca loca" Maybe its "living the vida loca" or are you really saying "Live/Living the crazy crazy." Either way, no thanks.

Some lyrics that translate to things like "Tonight, I'll take her." and "You shout until the sun rises." Not to mention the cleavage shot given at 1:45 does say that these guys are indeed Bad Boys.

I'll continue to look forward to Music Note and Blah Blah.

MV BREAKDOWN:// BTS: No More Dream

Loen Entertainment presented BTS, a hip hop group, who's debut less than two weeks ago. I knew since the teaser was released for this video that I would love these boys. It's Intro Time.

BTS aka Bangtan Boys (Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

Rap Monster
Kim Nam Joon

Jung Ho Seok

Park Ji Min

Kim Seok Jin
Vocal/Visual (Eldest Member)

Jung Kook
Jeon Jeong Guk
Maknae/Vocal/Dancer/Rapper (why not just say "Everything but the leader.")

Min Yoon Gi

Kim Tae Hyung

Here are a few screenshots from the video. I think you can tell who my favorite is so far.

Video Breakdown:

The Song: Screams independence and individuality. An anthem to break free of the traditional views and be yourself. If you dream, wake up and live it out. Bass and beat are very street worthy with similarities to music by Dr. Dre and Snoop. (Deep Cover)

The Dance: The boys are in sync with choreography with a strong presence and charisma. One word: SWAG.

Certain members struck words into my mind. Like this:

Jin...License? (Could you have not avoided the boxes?)
J-Hope....Zelo? (Ok, it was the hair and mask thing. I get it.)
Rap Monster....Eyes? (Wtf? Whats wrong with your face that you are hiding your eyes..all..the...time?)
Jimin...Abs! (-Scrolls up again-)
Suga... Taeyang? (You seen the similarity too, right?)
Jung Kook...Sparta? (Jung Kook not Kim Jong Kook from Running Man silly.)
V...Violent. (In his intro he looks pretty evil swinging that pipe.)

All in all, I like them alot. I can't wait to see more from these guys. BTS Fighting!

I hope the talent in the group doesn't get over shadowed by the fluff and shines through. Do you think BTS will make it big or hit a brick wall like...idk, Block B. (FYI before the antis start rolling in, Block B is super talented and just hit a few speed bumps.)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review:// The Recipe

When I read the synopsis of this film, I thought it would be about a television producer who developed a rapport for a perhaps wrongly accused prison inmate, and sought to find the perfect doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew) for his last meal.  I couldn't have been more wrong, for the story took a sharp turn away from the ordinary from the very start.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

First Impressions:// Fabulous Boys

As a die hard fan of both You're Beautiful and Wang Dong Cheng (aka Jiro Wang) I was excited beyond reason to see the two come together in  Fabulous Boys.

Taiwanese adaptations don't typically stray from the original story line except to add a heavy dose of campy, slap-stick silliness to how it's portrayed.  Will I get bored watching the exact same story played out by different actors?  Nope!  I am in fangirl heaven!

Friday, June 14, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// WonderBoyz: Tarzan

So I didn't know a group named WonderBoyz existed outside of the UKISS members making a cameo in Mr. Idol as the group Wonder Boys. Maybe I am out of the loop.
Anyways, the video was posted about a month ago on CJENMMUSIC's YouTube account, today was the first time I viewed it. (While watching several EXO Wolf Dance Covers.)
I am loving the song, I think its got the Latina blood dancing in my veins. I've had it on repeat for a while now. And my comments are:
  • The english parts are pretty good. Nice job guys.
  • The chorus is catchy though I've been muttering it, not knowing what the hell was said beside the word Tarzan.
  • You all know I love eye candy. I am honestly gonna look into getting more info on these guys. Though the "Tarzan" peeping his "Jane" through the telescope was creepy yet adorable. Not that I like creepy but I am filled with mixed emotions of love when I see asian boys. (Aren't you?)
  • I actually like how the infamous Tarzan yell was used in the song. Not overkill but just right.
  • Ending of the video...hmmm. It left me wanting more but thinking the scene was kindda awkward.

We'll see how I feel about these guys after some research and more videos. Keep an eye out.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Barefoot Friends: Vietnam Arc

Overall the three episode arc of our barefoot friends' Vietnam adventure was a nice way to spend a few hours, culminating to a satisfactory finish. While the activities were structured, there wasn't really a scoring system to create competitive tension; you just rooted for them to achieve their goals because they are adorable.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yesterday MBLAQ's video for "Smoky Girl" debuts. I've been getting my fix on Thunder while watching Nail Shop Paris.
First thoughts...OMG THEY ARE BACK!
The boys start off in a black and white, classy yet sexy theme. Suited up and some members even wearing suits that accentuate some highlighted body parts.

Seung Ho is looking great. He is really taking his health and exercise regiment seriously nowadays, shredding his image as the most unhealthy member of the group.

Thunder's pink hair definitely adds a more fun and playful image. He doesnt really rap in this video but Mir handles that towards the end. G.O. even has a slight hair color job too.

Lee Joon's eyes are captivating as usual. His dance background comes into play while dancing with a girl early in the video and shows some cuteness to the camera around the 3:20 mark.

Mir is adorable yet serious and sophisticated. His presence is strong when he raps.

The dance involves some hip action, which is a plus. The changes from the dark, sexy themes in the begin, change up to a more brighter theme when white suits are covered in glow in the dark paints.

The video even ends with a female foreigner which is always interesting to watch in kpop videos.Not sure why...