Friday, June 21, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// LED Apple: Bad Boys (Featuring: Kang Yebin)

I am going to start off by saying that I love LED Apple. I think its amazing how they play instruments like a band rather than a cluster of flower boys, thrown together to entertain with visuals as their strong point.

I'm a fan of their Music Note, where they do covers and get to show their fun and silly antics every now and then. And of course I watch Hanbyul's Blah Blah, which went from him quickly reviewing the Billboard charts and rambling, to having him teach Korean and involving the other members.

I will not add screenshots to this post and keep it short and sweet. I have issues with the boys stylist. I do not like their outfits at all, nor the feel of the video. I think the colors should have been dumbed down to something a little more classy dark and sexy for the video. Guess thats just the graphic designer in me screaming out. I was expecting an awesome comeback and have a feeling this song will not grow on me.

I think Kyumin is awesome in this song. His vocals are quite strong.I do like the little solos they give each member to let them shine for a sec or two but here are some down falls. What I do NOT like is the English usage, or the Spanish usage in this single.

"I say Ole, Ole, Ole." What, are you a matador. Who says that?
"Viva la loca loca" Maybe its "living the vida loca" or are you really saying "Live/Living the crazy crazy." Either way, no thanks.

Some lyrics that translate to things like "Tonight, I'll take her." and "You shout until the sun rises." Not to mention the cleavage shot given at 1:45 does say that these guys are indeed Bad Boys.

I'll continue to look forward to Music Note and Blah Blah.

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