Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Yesterday MBLAQ's video for "Smoky Girl" debuts. I've been getting my fix on Thunder while watching Nail Shop Paris.
First thoughts...OMG THEY ARE BACK!
The boys start off in a black and white, classy yet sexy theme. Suited up and some members even wearing suits that accentuate some highlighted body parts.

Seung Ho is looking great. He is really taking his health and exercise regiment seriously nowadays, shredding his image as the most unhealthy member of the group.

Thunder's pink hair definitely adds a more fun and playful image. He doesnt really rap in this video but Mir handles that towards the end. G.O. even has a slight hair color job too.

Lee Joon's eyes are captivating as usual. His dance background comes into play while dancing with a girl early in the video and shows some cuteness to the camera around the 3:20 mark.

Mir is adorable yet serious and sophisticated. His presence is strong when he raps.

The dance involves some hip action, which is a plus. The changes from the dark, sexy themes in the begin, change up to a more brighter theme when white suits are covered in glow in the dark paints.

The video even ends with a female foreigner which is always interesting to watch in kpop videos.Not sure why...

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