Tuesday, August 20, 2013

EXO- Growls Again?!

EXO's second video for "Growl" was released. By second video, I don't mean a drama version, I mean yet another dance filled version that I have deemed completely unnecessary.

Granted, you can see the boys better in this version due to some close ups and different camera angles, but was it really worth it? There's some fast zooms and camera actions that make it slightly appealing to the eye, and by some I mean a very insignificant amount. There's even some scenes of the original video in this one.

Personally, I think that time and money would have been better spent if they released a second version of "Growl" as a continuation of the "Wolf-Drama version". More cameras doesn't make a better video guys. Who's in charge here?!

Korean Version:

Chinese Version:

Original Versions: MV Breakdowns by Yours Truly.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recap:// Attention Please Episode 4

You gotta love Misaki for sticking to her style no matter  how glaringly inappropriate it is.  The fact that she doesn't know she'll inevitably have to conform if she's going to achieve her goal is amusing.  If she wasn't so charming and sincere in her denial, it would be annoying.  And that's where this episode starts off.

Instructor Mikami checks everyone's appearance in the class.  Misaki receives the most corrections;  her skirt is too short, her shirt open too low, her jacket isn't buttoned up and her hair is too messy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Yay, finally!

With the release of their second mini "Spectacular" comes a brand new website and the video for their single "MaMaMa". The song sports lyrics written by Hoya and Dong Woo of Infinite/Infinite H. The beat has a bumping brass and percussion ensemble with a slight swing feel to it with towards midsong.

After a few days of slight website changes that involved just a video or image of the boys I am quite pleased with the unveil of www.tasty2wins.com The colors work well and the prismatic feel matches that of the video. Good job design team.

Since I have been posting a few times regarding the video release its tough to figure out what to say about it.
I guess I will post screenies and some more to this later, but for now, enjoy the video.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Video Teaser:// Tasty MaMaMa

I've been keeping my eye on the Twins comeback and noticed their teaser for the video "MaMaMa" was released. With the MV being set with a release date of August 8, its almost a year since the release of "Spectrum".

At the 30 second mark you can catch a quick glimpse of Hoya and Dongwoo (Infinite/Infinite H). -Thanks PupChan for noticing Hoya while I noticed Dong Woo. The Infinite Boys are very supportive of the Twins, and that's great to see.

The song has a hip hop meets swing music type of feel and August 8th can't get here soon enough. I am also hoping the www.tasty2wins.com official website will be nicely put together as well. These speedy website changes are killing me as a graphic designer. Effort people.
Here's the teaser. Grab a taste.