Friday, June 21, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// BTS: No More Dream

Loen Entertainment presented BTS, a hip hop group, who's debut less than two weeks ago. I knew since the teaser was released for this video that I would love these boys. It's Intro Time.

BTS aka Bangtan Boys (Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

Rap Monster
Kim Nam Joon

Jung Ho Seok

Park Ji Min

Kim Seok Jin
Vocal/Visual (Eldest Member)

Jung Kook
Jeon Jeong Guk
Maknae/Vocal/Dancer/Rapper (why not just say "Everything but the leader.")

Min Yoon Gi

Kim Tae Hyung

Here are a few screenshots from the video. I think you can tell who my favorite is so far.

Video Breakdown:

The Song: Screams independence and individuality. An anthem to break free of the traditional views and be yourself. If you dream, wake up and live it out. Bass and beat are very street worthy with similarities to music by Dr. Dre and Snoop. (Deep Cover)

The Dance: The boys are in sync with choreography with a strong presence and charisma. One word: SWAG.

Certain members struck words into my mind. Like this:

Jin...License? (Could you have not avoided the boxes?)
J-Hope....Zelo? (Ok, it was the hair and mask thing. I get it.)
Rap Monster....Eyes? (Wtf? Whats wrong with your face that you are hiding your eyes..all..the...time?)
Jimin...Abs! (-Scrolls up again-)
Suga... Taeyang? (You seen the similarity too, right?)
Jung Kook...Sparta? (Jung Kook not Kim Jong Kook from Running Man silly.)
V...Violent. (In his intro he looks pretty evil swinging that pipe.)

All in all, I like them alot. I can't wait to see more from these guys. BTS Fighting!

I hope the talent in the group doesn't get over shadowed by the fluff and shines through. Do you think BTS will make it big or hit a brick wall like...idk, Block B. (FYI before the antis start rolling in, Block B is super talented and just hit a few speed bumps.)

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