Friday, June 14, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// WonderBoyz: Tarzan

So I didn't know a group named WonderBoyz existed outside of the UKISS members making a cameo in Mr. Idol as the group Wonder Boys. Maybe I am out of the loop.
Anyways, the video was posted about a month ago on CJENMMUSIC's YouTube account, today was the first time I viewed it. (While watching several EXO Wolf Dance Covers.)
I am loving the song, I think its got the Latina blood dancing in my veins. I've had it on repeat for a while now. And my comments are:
  • The english parts are pretty good. Nice job guys.
  • The chorus is catchy though I've been muttering it, not knowing what the hell was said beside the word Tarzan.
  • You all know I love eye candy. I am honestly gonna look into getting more info on these guys. Though the "Tarzan" peeping his "Jane" through the telescope was creepy yet adorable. Not that I like creepy but I am filled with mixed emotions of love when I see asian boys. (Aren't you?)
  • I actually like how the infamous Tarzan yell was used in the song. Not overkill but just right.
  • Ending of the video...hmmm. It left me wanting more but thinking the scene was kindda awkward.

We'll see how I feel about these guys after some research and more videos. Keep an eye out.

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  1. Nice discovery, Batzy-chan! These guys are adorable and talented. The chorus is really stuck in my head. And the video is so creative! I've just watched it three times in a row.

    I looked them up and read about how they changed their image, but I like their Open the Door video too. It's like trot/pop fusion and they have cute close-ups in it. Looking forward to more from them.