Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Birthday October Week 4!


Hong Il Kwon
Jo Byung Ki
Lee Jong Soo
Na Han Il


B.I (iKON)
Chance (One Way)
Jun Ji Hoo
Yoon jong Hwa


Kim Il Do (2000 Won)
Lee Ki Woo
Lee Seung Yup
Lee Sung Yong
Seo In Gook
Seungyub (A-JAX)
Shin Won Ho (Cross Gene)


Jung Ki Sung
Lee Jung
Uhm Hyo Sup


Jung Yoo Geun
Lee Jung Ho


Jang Suk Hyun
Kim Dong Hee


Daegun (F.CUZ)
Hong Kyung In
Kim Sang Soon
Lee Joong Moon


Choi Hyun Woo
Choi Woo Hyuk
Park Chil Young
Park Young Jin
Shin Hyun Joon


Hwang Chan Bin
Lee Ji Hoon
Maboos (Elecctroboyz)
Maeng Sang Hoon


Kang Dong Yup


Hojoon (Topp Dogg)
Im Ha Ryong
Jang Tae Hoon
Son Jin Young

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Birthday October Week 3!


Cha In Pyo
Im Je Noh
Kang Ki Young
Kwon Oh min
Sam (Lunafly)


Donghae (Super Junior)
Jo Hyung Ki
Lee Dong Hae
Park Dong bin
Seungjin (A-JAX)
Yun Jong Shin
Zelo (B.A.P)


Choi Dae Chul
Go Joo Won
Jung Jin Young
Lee Chang Joo
Sung Ji Roo
Yang Seung Ho


Imai Tsubasa (Tackey & Tsubasa)
Sanchez (PHANTOM)


Choi Bum Ho
Kim Hyung Jong
P-Goon (Topp Dogg)
Yum Dong Hun


Ha Jae young
Jenissi (Topp Dogg)
Park Sang Min
Ryan (Paran)
Yang Ik Joon


Han Seung Hee (Monday Kiz)
Im Yoon ho
Jung Sung Mo
Kim Woong
Lee Kwan Hoon
Lee Young Bum
Oh Yong


Hong Il Kwon
Jo Byung Ki
Lee Jong Soo
Na Han Il

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy Birthday October Week 2!


Baram (Big Star)
Kim Myung Min


Lee Chang


Ahn Hong Jin
F:ie (AlphaBAT)
Jin Yi Han
Kang Ta
Lee Soon Jae
Park Eun Soo
Wu Chun
Yoon Tae Young


Im Won Hee
Kim Byung Ok
Park Kwang Hyun


Hero (SMASH)
Seo Kang Joon


Go Chang Suk
Jimin (BTS)
Kang Soo Han
Kim Jung Kyoon
Lee Dae Ro
Lee Dong Joon
Park Se Joon


Cha In Pyo
Im Je Noh
Kang Ki Young
Kwon Oh Min
Sam (Lunafly)

Friday, October 2, 2015

MV BREAKDOWN:// Got7: 니가 하면 (If You Do)

It's been a while. Mianhaeyo.

JYP's Got7 releases their mini album MAD and the title track is 니가 하면 (If You Do).

This song includes some deep voices, (Jackson... I love you.) and is quite reminiscent of some older 2PM songs. First the whispery, "Why girl?" Spoken intro, the flow of the alternating raps between Mark and Jackson, the whole way the song is composed, I am sure some HOTTEST can agree with me there. We see similarities. But that's ok.

The choreography is tight. Clean and crisp moves with some fancy foot work to top it off right.

The video. They are looking good. They toned down the colors and cutesy-ness with more mature looks for the boys as opposed to the Just Right album's title release. (And I am so thankful for that.). The boys play off serious emotions and destructive ones too. (JR...I love you and the tears you shed. But that art you messed up in the video...that's kindda unforgivable. Whoever drew those works must be pissed. Unless you were the one that was supposed to be the frustrated artist that did them, then you will probably be pissed that you ripped them up after the emotions subside. Get it together.)

I am loving this song and the dance. Check it out below.

Jackson's punching bag scenes with the pink shirt...didn't do him justice. He did look frustrated as hell with each swing but it didn't do it for me. Sooooooo I will leave you guys with Jackson and Kangnam's from M.I.B. with a rendition of a song that I am sure a lot of us know... oh... so... well.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy Birthday October Week 1!


Jung Joon Ho
Kang Suk Woo
Kang Woo Sung
Lee Hee Do
Lee Jung Gil
Song Il Gook


Kim Young Hoon


Bae Han Sung
Kim Joo Hyuk


Go Soo
Hyeonsang (LEDApple)
Ilhoon (BtoB)
Joo Ho
Junghan (Seventeen)
Kim Joon Sung
Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN)


Chunji (Teen Top)
Kim Young Jae
Song Jong Ho
Song Seung Hun


Park Jin Soo
Ryu Shi Won
Seo Hoo
Yoo Ah In


Changbum (100%)
Cheon Doong (Thunder)
Ikuta Toma
Jung Chan Woo
Lay (EXO-M)
Youngsuk (SMASH)