Monday, March 3, 2014

Video Teaser:// Vamp: Heart Attack

The boys from Thai group Vamp are back with their third single entitled 'Heart Attack'. This marks the first release since Pangpond's motorcycle accident back in July of last year. He scuffed up his face, leg and arm roughly during that time so its good to see he's back in great shape and with an adorable mood. The fan page on facebook for Vamp released photos for the single promotions and although the album is available for you to listen to on Deezer, it's not available in the states. :(

The teaser for the single was released yesterday and the full video is on its way March 10th. The single has an electronica feel with an upbeat tempo. The lead female in the video seems vaguely familiar yet I can't quite put my finger on who she is or where she is from. The main point of the dance includes some chest pumps and hip thrusts, yet still seems to lack feeling and flawless synchronization. (Maybe it's just the way it's cute in the video that makes it look like that?)Regardless, I am looking forward to it and wish them much success. I'm excited to see them back in action, though they never completely left the public eye as they have been very active on the You Channel.

Pangpond, why do you look so cute? I just wanna pinch his cheeks.

Toon, why is your suit so wrinkled? You need me to come over and handle your clothes for you?I love you, just call me, I have no problem taking care of it. At least let me Photoshop the wrinkles off, I don't like irons either. 555.

Vamp: Heart Attack Teaser

All images are from and belong to Vamp Fan Club Facebook


  1. Ooh Happy Girl's Day to me! Love the song already! It's doing my heart good - oh these boys are so cute, I just wanna take a bite. I should probably check to make sure they're legal first... don't wanna pull a Batzy. 555!!!

  2. Pull a Batzy!? Are we coining new phrases now? 555. They are all 21+ if I am not mistaken Unnie.