Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MV BREAKDOWN:// K-Much (Snakehead): Don't Know (Good To Go)

The male version of Crayon Pop rears its head in this one. K-Much, a 5 member group born between 90-93. (I swore the maknae was the oldest member. I might be losing my grasp on kpop reality.)

Now I am keeping this music video breakdown pretty short as I am also making a few comments on the songs I heard their mini.
Video: The first minute or so had me in 'wtf' mode. It was cute as they walked snapping pics and being high school boys and all. They took out the helmets, and I was like "oh no, please no"...They do a little 'Bar Bar Bar' to evoke the baby of Nessy and Godzilla out of the river. *shugs* I lost all hope, when one of the Crayon Pop members showed up to blast them with her craptastic lightning effects. And then it happened...The images of cute boys in SWAT outfits and some dirt on their faces. I was satisfied with that. Not a band round of boys.


I heard a preview of the mini album, Beyond the Ocean and here is a short first impression on the songs.

I'm Sorry: Reminiscent of 2PM's Again and Again, or Teen Top's Clap. I think it was the way the melody flowed. I liked it though, but that's a given since I like the songs it's similar to.
What Should I do: Repetitive and catchy.
Dont Know (Good To Go): 'Crayon Pop' Boys...z It's almost exactly the same.

And if you haven't seen the Crayon Pop video that drove me crazier than Psy's Gangnam Style. Where the hell have you been? Under a rock?! Well I will post that for you too, you under-rock dweller.

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