Saturday, January 25, 2014

First Impressions:// Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple 응급남녀 aka Emergency Man and Woman promo shot.
When Batzy-chan first gave me the heads up about Emergency Couple, I wondered who she was watching it for, the sexy charismatic Choi Jin Hyuk, or Running Man's fabulous female, Song Ji Hyo. (Batzy-chan is a Running Man fanatic!) Whichever the case may be, we were both quite excited for this show to get underway.

The plot seems straightforward; two medical school students marry, divorce, and find their lives intertwined once again. In some ways, the first episode was just what I was expecting, and in other ways, not what I was expecting at all.

Choi Jin Hyuk 윤종훈 as Oh Chang Min and Song Ji Hyo 송지효 as Oh Jin Hee, run through the crowded streets in tuxedo and wedding dress. / The couple stands before a church congretation.

We start off with some beautiful romantic imagery as our couple runs through the streets to get married. Their pursuers were, of course, sent by the rich disapproving family to stop them, but love prevailed! Even though Song Ji Hyo's wig looks terrible, I don't care; she's cute, her groom is cute, and they're just so cute together!  But then...

Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee stand in a trashed room.
A War of the Roses vibe takes over and it's kind of excruciating. And not in a good way! I made up my mind that they don't make a good couple, they shouldn't be together, and I hope they don't end up together! If the writing is good, it will change my mind as things move along, but at this point, I have my eye on someone else for Song Ji Hyo's Oh Jin Hee. Choi Jin Hyuk plays Oh Chang Min who I started to have a little pity for, but have decided he's a total jerk and doesn't deserve it!
Chang Min holds a microphone and looks back at a crouching Jin Hee at a piano.
I have to admit, though, that after their first round of conflict, this couple is quite entertaining in their abject dislike for each other. Instead of analyzing how each performer was approaching their character, I got sucked in and just believed in their characters, which is such a treat.
Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 and Park Joon Geum 박준금 previously appeared in The Heirs 왕관을 쓰려는자 together.
The supporting cast holds a lot of talented familiar faces including Park Joon Geum who played step mother to Choi Jin Hyuk's Kim Won in The Heirs. That ahjumma killer, Jin Hyuk, convinced her to come over and work with him again without delay. I'm kidding! How would I know about something like that?
Chang Min and Im Yong Kyu, playd by Yoon Jong Hoon 윤종훈, ogle sexy Han Ah Reum played by Clara 클라라
At first glance, you might think that the boys are being pigs, but really, this woman's skirt was so short it was too indecent for me to post! I'm beginning to think that Emergency Couple will show men and women, being the worst they can be, but in hilarious ways.
Lee Pil Mo 이필모 as Chief of Emergency Medicine Gook Chun Soo lectures the interns.
Our interns led by Chief of Emergency Medicine, Gook Chun Soo, played by Lee Pil Mo, has a lot of potential for mayhem and misunderstandings. I haven't seen anything that Lee Pil Mo has been in, but I like him! He had me at "Crazy bastards."
Chang Min strikes a cute pose. / Jin Hee wakes up with a confused look on her face.
At the start of the episode, I was unsure about whether I wanted to keep watching, but by the end of it, I was looking forward to more. Granted, the plot is bound to take us down a predictable path, but perhaps not in the same old fashion, and I'm sure there'll be twists and turns along the way. Plus, look at how adorable our leads are!


  1. Indeed, this is one drama were I will admit I am watching it because of the female lead. I love Song Ji Hyo. Jin Hyuk is my added bonus for the sake of eye candy. I'm a sucker for the younger man/ older woman couples though this doesn't play out to be a noona romance, real ages are in my head and good enough for me. I actually started to watch this and took screen shots, which impressively are practically the same ones you took, so Panda, get out of my head! lol.

    I am a definite Running Man fanatic, and a sucker for cute guys so of course I would want to watch this. So far I think its fun and enjoyable, I hope not to get bored with it. Who am I kidding, I can't possibly get bored of this. Can't wait for episode 2!

  2. Keep your screenies and keep taking them because you're writing the review at the end of the series! I'm going to just relax and watch without the compulsion to take 100 screenshots per episode. :p