Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boys Before Friends Cast Overhaul

Another one bites the dust...

Anyone who is watching the American Remake of Boys Over Flowers, whether it's for sh*ts and giggles or they seriously enjoy it (really?) knows whats been going on later. After an episode and a half, their leading lady was switched out for Dawn Morrow. It was a pretty hilarious transition as Zoey, who was previously tattooed and had the side of her head shaved, was kidnapped by the F4's goons and given a "makeover". Zoey is now without tattoos and has a full head of hair, to which Liam responds "Wow, you look like a totally different person" upon reveal.

After the delay of episode 2, episode 3 was unveiled and things seem to go a little smoother for the production. Camera angles and transitions seemed better than the first episode. Things seemed to look up for them. Sort of. There were still loop holes and mishaps, including the script, that drove the production to subpar standards.

Now the lead actors that play Liam and Zoey are no longer in BBF. (WHAT?!) I know, I know, it's terrible. But while the team decides to keep the reasons undisclosed in order to maintain "professionalism", Dawn Morrow and Joseph Almani, took to social media outlet Twitter, to voice their reasons. The argument is this: They left vs They were fired. The crappy attempt to cover up the truth was later debunked by Almani stating that due to lack of professionalism on set, his management voiced some opinions and the BBF team didn't like it very much so he was left go. WTG, Almani, I have some respect for this guy being straightforward.

This comes to no surprise as Panda Unnie has had her share of dealing with admins and staff for the BBF team while voicing her opinion on the series even before it began.

Though writer, Kel Williams, says they will be moving forward with the 16 episodes as promised, I don't see how this is going to hold up. With statements that this production is made and will be maintained for the fans, I think it's a load of bull. Fans of the other adaptations have voiced opinions about this drama only to be ignored as racism and invalid opinions. Anything for the people should at least listen to the people. Negative or positive, the criticism could have been used for the better of the series.

They are now asking the public for suggestions on who should take Morrow and Almani's place. My suggestion is bring back the old Zoey, Riley Baker, during another makeover while Liam is killed off in a yachting accident. I am sure you guys can pull it off just as smoothly as before. And its not like you need the actor to be there with the crap camera angles you guys use anyway. Oh, and get your company website and stuff looking more professional, hell just get everything looking more professional if you want to be taken seriously. That's an obvious step. Get your sh*t together. And don't fire Jason S. Mordeno, that's the only eye candy I have left.It's hard to root for something when there a lack of...everything. I hope to see some fans make a BBF youtube version that doesn't look like a parody.

Source: DramaFever, Twitter

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  1. Don't worry, Jason is young and probably doesn't have representation so he won't be fired. Any actor who expects a professional work standard and actually has a management company backing him up, will have to go. This production company is so shady that I don't think established professionals will work with them. This all comes as no surprise as WillKinn Media has been representing themselves as unprofessional amateurs from the start.