Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MV BREAKDOWN:// Gary: Zotto Mola

After about a week and 4 teasers for MVs, Gary' first song for his first solo album is released on LeeSang Company's Youtube page about an hour ago. This might be the fastest and most up-to-date upon MV Breakdown I have ever done.

When I heard the initial melody, I swore the bass was gonna drop and I was wrong. This video is pretty much one shot, head on and black and white. Gary is still for the most part, but his words are poetic movement. It flows very nicely and is powerful yet easy to listen to.It works well with the lyrics. A man who is in love with a woman. She will never understand how much he really cares. (You can read the translation here.)

Time passes and the lonely Gary continues to rap about this love. Water begins to fill the container.

The water (if you haven't figured out all ready, is representative of his emotions) make it hard for him to speak.

And he finally drowns in them.

Even without knowing what the song meant, you could get the jist of what was happening. Good music breaks language barriers. There was a balance between the song and the video and they go well together. Nicely done.

Oh course this video doesn't go without a few Monday Couple comments. Netizens are crying out for JiHyo to go save Gary. I ship it.


A few minutes later, a second video was released. This one is for Shower Later. The video is full of girls and sexual innuendos. I wont post images. Watch at your own discretion. It's funny to me how the non-Asian girls are doing more of the sexual stuff than the Asian ones. Is that because our culture allows sexuality more openly in our music videos and medias in general? I don't like the video but I'd listen to the song.

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