Saturday, January 4, 2014

MV BREAKDOWN:// Vamp: Suck It

No, not the awesome Japanese group Vamps, or the UK band The Vamps. Just Vamp: Thai Pop Group debuted in early 2013 with 7 handsome members.

Here they are in no particular order. (Or is it?!)








This video was shot in a beautiful location, with great angles. The boys have a 'vampy' feel about them without bearing any fangs. The leading lady is pretty sexy, and appears to be a labelmate from the girl group Shuu, who can be seen in Vamp's other MV (the ballad- How I came to love(him)).
The song is catchy though the "Suck it, Suck it" part was laughable. Overall I like it. The dance however, though synchronized and clean, seemed stiff and lacked feeling and interest. Sorry, you can't be cute and perfect all the time.

As you know, I am not one for picking favorites so here are some sexy video screenies. (No really, it would be so shallow of me to pick a favorite just based on looks.)

Ok, ok. Was I too obvious in my love for Toon Vamp? Love at first bite. -swoons-

I don't even know how I managed to find these hotties as I usually am buried in the kpop scene, but it seems to be a well appreciated YouTube miracle. I tried to find translated info on the boys and couldn't find anything. I did manage to find a profile video on them and decided to work on translating it. (You're welcome. EDIT: Ok, fail. This is harder than I thought.) Here's the profile video:

Here's their debut: Suck it!
With lines like 'Can I bite you?' and all the sexiness, Batzy looks past the 'Suck it Everybody' part and Approves. Hope they update their fans on whats next asap!

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  1. Oh. My. God!! Good find! These boys are awesome, though I agree with you regarding their dancing. They need more oomph! I'm sure they'll get there in time.