Monday, October 7, 2013

POW:// Jung Joon Young

POW is a new segment in our blog, Point of Weakness. Since we tend to have several different tastes... bias...boyfriends or whatever we'd love to call the men that make our fangirling all worth while. I will dedicate a spot for the man that made my heart flutter this week.(or for today since I am pretty fickle when fangirling.)

Today I present to you, Jung Joon Young. Does his name ring a bell? If not, I shall post his beauty and see if it pulls a heartstring or two. (WALLPAPER ALERT!)

Jung Joon Young
DOB: February 21, 1989
Birth Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Rock singer, plays guitar and is a song writer.
Has lived in several countries due to his father being an international business man.
Can speak 5 languages: English, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese and Japanese
He is listed as an unofficial member of LEDApple (as main vocalist) and did not debut with the group due to contract issues with a different company.
He won third place in Superstar K4 as a solo artist.
Jung Joon Young was in the drama Monstar.
He is currently on We Got Married with Jung Yoo Mi. (4d Couple)

He has a heavy, smooth, unique voice that can make your heart melt and his odd behaviors border crazy and cute. I seriously don't know what to do with the guy so I guess I will swoon for now. When it comes to music he takes things seriously and is somewhat of a genius.

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