Monday, October 21, 2013

Melting Moments:// The Heirs

If you haven't seen episodes 1-3 yet, then I'd suggest you not click the "read more" link to see the images. They are a little spoilerish, but nothing you wouldn't expect to happen.  They won't have the same impact when you do watch the drama if you see them now, though. And besides, you won't relate to the melting-ness of the moment unless you have watched the drama. Still, Lee Min Ho is worth seeing in all his gorgeousness!

Ok, really?  Every fangirl's dream! You know, just to have a safe place to stay for the night, no hidden agendas. Not a one.

You gotta love the questions this guy asks. Although it may not seem like the most romantic way to confess, his sincerity makes it romantic.

Click for the full size.  Click it!

The quickest way to a girl's heart is showing that you're vulnerable. This was the most poignant scene from the first four episodes and the chemistry was intense!

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  1. Looks like someone is catching up on Heirs. Those are some strong points. -melts-