Sunday, October 6, 2013

SHINee's Back

Well not quite, but they did perform during Gangnam Hallyu Festival that occurred October 6th (in Korean/ October 5th in the States). They will be releasing their 5th Mini Album entitled Everybody on October 14th.
SHINee performed the title track during the festival. The members wore all white during the performance. The song has a little dubstep flair. The dance seemed slightly weird from the side angle video I saw but it had a robotic feel to it.(which I loved since I feel it is harder for groups to pull off clean, unison moves in. SHINee did a perfect job pulling it off.)

I honestly was waiting for Onew Condition to kick in but the performance and vocals were focused and smooth. (Enter Windmill dance here.) Onew and Jonghyun's blonde hair made it hard for the untrained eye of a new Shawol to differentiate the two in some parts of the performance. (I could tell since I have been going Onew crazy for the last few weeks.) I thought it was pretty awesome and can't wait to see the MV for it. The chorus was too plain for my liking but it was catchy and the performance was enjoyable. I am hoping that it is more of a dance MV rather than a story telling one, just for the sake of being able to become hypnotized by the moves that this kind of beat can stir up.

Of course, once it's out I will post an MV BREAKDOWN, 'cuz that's what Batzy does. ;)

The song that I am looking forward to the most in "Symptoms" which kind of reminds me of Chris Brown's "Take Me Down." I am not posting any video from the Festival as some are of bad quality and being taken down so feel free to search for it on YouTube or Vimeo or Daily Motion or Whatever video site you guys use. I will post SMTown's video for the medley of the mini album and the video to "Symptoms". Enjoy.

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