Thursday, October 3, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// Block B: Very Good

Yes boys, very very good.
I'll keep this short and with visuals to please.

The Song: Strong guitar riffs. Loud and fun.
The Video: Cinematic at times. Playful and stylish.
The Concept: The boys are shown in a van, with clowns masks, on their way to rob a bank. While at the bank, they raise some hell, dance and blow shit up.
The Meaning: Block B decides to shed the mask of their former company. They don't want to look like 'clowns' (referring to the past incidents of immaturity and company issues) and decide to show their true identities to the world. Plus they will get their money, by any means necessary. I mean within the first 50 seconds of the video, the overdraft window gets shot up, like a boss.
I feel smart for actually looking past cute boys and reading between the lines. +1 Batzy.

With the release of "Be the Light", they seem to be more mature and have grown due to experiences they endured, in a positive way. Reason why I did not post a MV Breakdown of that video is because U-Kwon gets beat to hell in it and that hurt Batzy's lil heart. Instead I will bask in the sexiness that is this MV Breakdown. Care to join me? (Zico and U-Kwon wallpapers towards to bottom of the post. Yay!)


Maximum Close Up Version:

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