Friday, September 6, 2013

BTS: N.O (Teaser 1)

OMG release the video already will you!
I would say I'm sorry for posting more about BTS but I'm not. I've been dying for their comeback release (9.11.13) even though they debuted in June. The website sports a countdown timer that has been driving me NUTS.

My main complaint about these boys was that every time I saw them, it was like they wore the same dam outfits all the time. With this trailer, it seems our Bangtan Boys have proven themselves worthy of more financial backing. With 'O! R U L8, 2?' I am anticipating the fire that will set ablaze a wild rush throughout the A.R.M.Y. (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Screenies? But of course darlings.
Sigma, Sigma, Sigma?

Why so many images of Maknae JungKook? Because he had the most coverage in the video due to his awesome facial expressions. Wonder if he will do some acting soon.
Other comments:

Who the hell is that? Oh Rap Monster... Looks good without the shades and crazy hair.
Jin looks like Jungkook's older sibling. Hyung indeed.
All the boys looks really good in this video.
Ok, enough talking let's roll footage.
N.O Trailer

And here's some stuff you may have missed.(If you did miss this, you should definitely be ashamed of yourself.)
Concept Trailer

Comeback Trailer

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