Friday, September 6, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// Zia and Lee Hae Ri (of Davichi): If You Loved Me

I will post the video first. Consider yourself warned as some of you might consider the screenies and writing a spoiler.

I am sure alot of you know why I posted this video.

1. Its from Loen.
2. Hoya from Infinite/Infinite H is in it.
2.5. Pup-Chan Loves Hoya!
3. I haven't posted a female video in a while.
4. All of the MV Breakdowns have upbeat tempos so its time for a slight change.

And here is the official Batzy breakdown.

The Song: Very emotional, lovely voices, smooth, flowing and other than depressing the hell outta me, it gave me chills. Batzy is moved.
The Video: Hoya is pleasing to the eye with his bright smile as always. The acting is something that I am very content with. I almost cried and feared for Hoya's life towards the end of the video. Well done photography direction. Deep. Batzy is moved again.

All in all. I am not a fan of ballads and I am very hard to please when it comes to female artist but this song has got me hooked. Although I can't listen to it all the time because I'd probably spend my whole day in bed, sad, alone and crying my eyes out, I enjoyed it. You guys won me over. Happy now? :)

Let's just stare at Hoya for a while to lift my mood.

I stopped after this part because I got depressed again. -goes offline to cry-

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