Friday, September 6, 2013

History on Mnet Countdown

So I saw History perform "Tell me Love" on Mnet Countdown. First thought was "Do they have the same stylist as BTS?" It reminded me of when my mom would dress me and my sister up like twins because the two youngest were twins. Just because you dress us the same doesn't mean we are the same. What exactly is the label trying to do here?

History is a pretty new group that debuted April of this year. Under the label LOEN Entertainment, they have released several YouTube videos to highlight the members as well as involve the fans in some fun and games. From a marketing perspective that's always a good idea but is it working for these boys?

Now, I honestly don't know any of these boys, but then again I am usually bad with remembering names.I did however see the video for "Dreamer" and I thought that they undeniably have talent. Their vocals and harmonizing are amazing.

Back to MNET countdown...I feel like the package here is lacking. Why wear [i]that[/i] when your song is cutesy and upbeat? It definitely would have been better with some bright colors, maybe a little more B1A4-ish (Ahhh Baro and CNU). Visuals and performance didn't match for me but they did perform wel and They love the camera.

My highlights:

Cute but with all the competition, they really need to work on their dancing. I look forward to seeing the progress of History as time goes by. (I was sooo going to write a pun using their name but decided against it.)

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