Monday, September 9, 2013

Love for Noona

With school and my birthday rolling around the corner, I'm not getting any younger but it seems as though my fangirling is hitting quite an age range. (Dam Noona Killers-how I love you all.)I've decided to add a few of my favorite songs dedicated to Noonas. Trust me, these make everything seem so right.


These boys have had enough and are tired of being viewed as a younger sibling.

This power ballad gets me. Strong lyrics and vocals show Lee Seung Gi as a perfect candidate for a Noona's affection. And the video... -swoons-

Lee Seung Gi: Because You're My Woman

Although they look young as hell in this video, U-KISS wants you to know that even though they are, their mind set is pure Namja. This was way back before Hoon and A.J., featuring the ex-members Alexander and Kibum. -pinches Dongho's cheeks-
Do you think these boys know what love is? They say they do, but I don't believe it. Good try and cute effort; boy have they grown up well.

U-KISS: Not Young


Awww, thanks. You aren't too bad yourself. -Winks-

If these boys utter those words, you might faint or die a happy death. Some of us might never hear that face to face so let's hear this and Replay it. (See what I did there.)

SHINee: Noona, You're So Pretty

Ahh, the smell of fresh meat.(Sorry Panda-Unnie. Bad choice of's just an expression.) It's a video by the newly debuted cuties, going straight for Noonas everywhere. It includes a few adorable kids, including the little powerhouse best known for his awesome dancing skills in PSY's Gangnam Style video.

NOM: Pretty Noona


여기에! -Throws self-

Ren's intro is so cute. There's no MV for this song but there is a dance practice. I preferred the audio version with subtitles. Thanks to NuestOnly on YouTube.

N'uest: Introduce Me To Your Noona


Because nothing is more manlier than having a Noona mistress.

What's to say about this one. The boy loves noona, but doesn't want his girlfriend to know it. The ending of this video was a definite killer and it features The Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy)'s Park Si-Yeon.

Teen Top: No More Perfume On You

Now there are a few other Noona videos that I did not add on here. If you feel there are some that should have made the list, comment below and I will add them in the next installment of Love for Noona.
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