Saturday, December 21, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// BH: All I Want For Christmas

YG strong vocals Lee Hi and Park Bom join forces to form BH. Together they released a rendition of Mariah Carey's holiday hit, All I Want For Christmas (Is You). I am in love with Mariah's version.When I heard BH was forming, I have to admit I was slightly excited for a listen. I love Lee Hi and Park Bom has a beautiful voice, most of the time. The tempo of the song was slowed down a tad to make way for smooth riffs, melodic note extensions and just plan dragging it out to emphasize the great singers that they are. The song alone is quite lovely (some might say boring) but the video extends to level I would like to call "WTH, this is creepy."

The video starts off with a soft, white and pure feel. But then enters a horror-movie, substance leaking cabinet.

Why is she singing with her eyes closed. Is she dead?

Why is Park Bom just lying there with pill-like objects scattered on the floor? Is she dead?

Nope, she's alive. *Noms Dirty Floor Candies* And yet another horror movie reference, with a sheet-covered Lee Hi in the background.

Then there's an axe...(Lee Hi, what are you doing?)

You're scaring me now.

Park Bom drags a bag, on some creepy killer movie mode. (Fun Fact: This scene is similar to the one of the 2003 horror/thriller movie The Tale of Two Sisters where the step mom drags a bloody bag through the halls. BTW, Batzy recommends this movie.)

Here's an adorable little mouse getting his party grub on. He is so cute, he reminds me of my pet rat, Mr. Nibbles. (RIP, Mr. Nibbles *sobs*)

But then this happens:

Oh no, Mr Mouse?! (Was this really necessary. I hope the poor thing wasn't hurt in this video.)

There is also a cute scene with BH being playful and adorable,

but then creepiness fills the air again.

All in all, the song is well done but the video was definitely a nightmare before christmas. (See what I did there? :P)

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  1. Of course Batzy-chan recommends the horror movie, of course! This vid was like a mini horror movie in itself. Either the message is SUGAR KILLS, or it was a murder suicide. Park Bom must've killed Lee Hi with the ax, then poisoned the sugar and died after a binge. The mouse was like, "Woohoo happy Christmas to me!" when he found the cake, but then he ate it too. Get it? He ate the cake and then he ate it too... yeah okay it's not that funny. For real, oh no Mr. Mouse! Do they even have laws protecting animals in entertainment over there?

    On a side note, I think the girls were competing to see who could move only their lips and have the least amount of emotion possible while lip syncing. Park Bom wins! It's eerie just how much movement she could get out of her lips without the rest of her face being affected. The wonders of modern medicine.

    They did a good job on the song, and the video was very entertaining. It's a Batzy-chan type of Christmas vid, that's for sure!