Thursday, December 19, 2013

First Impressions:// You Who Came From The Stars (Version Batzy)

Boy did the graphics suck in the beginning of the drama. WTF was that anyways. Talk about terrible. At least by the end of the episode they seemed to be a little better.

Now lets be serious. I only decided to watch the drama because of Kim Soo Hyun. I figured, hey! I should try and write a first impressions like Unnie. And then the shower scene happened and my brain turned to mush. So read Panda's version instead.

I hear he will be going to the military after this is done. -whimpers-


  1. LMAO! Batzy-chan, seriously? Anyway, I didn't think the graphics were that bad. Not super, but not bad. Love the comic!! You do more around here than I do, though I think you get mesmerized by choco abs too easily. No, this is not drool on my chin! Haha... wha? What do you mean he's going to the military after this? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!!

    1. Don't defend the graphics lol. They were a hot mess in the beginning, it got better though. Definitely better in episode 2. Shower scene in epi. 2 got worse though. :P It's usually the baby faces that get me but yea choco abs do have that effect too. I know it got you too except you can usually function well after depending on who's abs. lol. As for the military, we have hit the generation of army boys that we are swooning over so I wouldn't be surprised if its true. It's saddening but I do have hope that getting one of them can be a lot easier this way haha.