Monday, December 16, 2013

Boys Before Friends Trailer

Wake me up when the nightmare is over...

I am sure Panda Unnie wanted to get her paws on this one but I just got linked to the trailer for Boys Before Friends. You know what that means...Batzy has to share the love and spread it to everyone else. Thanks to viki!

I think this trailer definitely shows what a train wreck this is. I liked the other adaptations and am considering that I might try to stomach this one but I make no promises. Some people have been saying the way the main actress delivers her lines seemed dull and unappealing. The way this trailer panned out, its hard to have hope for high standards on this adaptation. The story looks to be drowned in lack luster performance. I was on the bandwagon of being psyched about another BOF but my expectations are blown for this one. There really isn't much to say about it, I will let the video speak for itself. Besides, I am sure Panda will take it upon herself to rip this in her entries to come.

It just screams low budget awful. I have seen better shots from kids shooting Vine videos. I recall a time when the staff/cast responded to what was seen as "racist" comments from fans that are upset about this remake. These guys really should have taken the negative comments into consideration. Race was never the issue, screwing up a good thing is the problem here. Way to go.

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  1. The thing that I can't understand is how the production company thought this was an acceptable trailer. It doesn't do anything to generate interest, it's not aesthetically pleasing, and it's not put together well. For a company that is said to have experience and a multi-million dollar budget, this is a huge disappointment. I know it's a straight to web series, but they could at least make a trailer that meets the standard of say, a sitcom commercial. This looks like a middle school project.