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Recap:// Attention Please Episode 3

The cabin attendant trainees learn that they will soon be wearing the uniform. However, they have to get through a week of emergency training.  Instructor Mikami explains that besides providing service, cabin attendants must act as security guards protecting lives.  The three minutes during take off and the eight minutes at landing are called the Devil's Eleven Minutes, or the Critical Eleven Minutes because a lot of accidents happen during these crucial minutes.  Makes you a bit more nervous when travelling, doesn't it?

The class suits up in blue jumpsuits and go through various training drills.

During a break in the lounge, everyone is tired except for Misaki who is happy that she got to move around and yell.  Asou and Murayama arrive and tell Misaki that it won't be that easy, and not to take their jobs lightly.  Misaki goes to the calendar hanging on the wall and rips off the April page (that Asou was the model for), remarking that it's already May.  Horrified, Wakamura drags her away.  Meanwhile, Asou digs her picture out of the trash and tries to smooth it out.

During training, Wakamura and Sekiyama who normally do so well, are running into difficulties.  Sekiyama is too frightened to go down the inflatable slide.  Misaki encourages her and gleefully jumps down.  During the swim to the life raft, Wakamura struggles to make it across while Misaki backstrokes past her.  Misaki urges them to improve and the girls are frustrated that Misaki is saying it's so easy.  Instructor Kinoshita comes along and tells Misaki to go to her extra class.

The engineers eat at Wakamura's father's soba shop.  Engineer Watanabe asks Nakahara if he's ready for the exam and if he likes engineering, because if he doesn't love his job, he will feel lonely.

Wakamura and Sekiyama arrive and greet Nakahara.  Wakamura tells him that the emergency training is hard and he wishes her good luck before he leaves.  Wakamura is thrilled that he wished her good luck and smiled at her.

On the way home, Seikyama sees Hirota walking with a tough looking guy on the street and wonders what is going on.

At training the following day, Wakamura is filled with energy to try hard.  "I guess this is the Power of Love." Sekiyama says to herself.  Misaki comes over and praises Wakamura who ignores her.  Hirota runs in late. She does poorly on the training for transporting injured passengers.  Wakamura remarks that it's unusual for someone besides Misaki to be late.

Sekiyama reveals that she saw Hirota on a date with a scary buff guy with lots of piercings the night before.

During training, Misaki is still having fun and not taking things seriously.  She is  paired with Hirota to take the life raft onto the wing and toss it into the water.  Hirota swings weakly and Misaki's foot slips, landing them both in the water where they begin bickering.

Mikami calls Misaki into her office for a reprimand.  Misaki says the chances of an accident happening are less than winning the jackpot, so why should she be serious?  Mikami tells her that if she can't be serious, she shouldn't participate in the training.

At the elevators, Tsutsumi and Captain Sakurada join Misaki.  She says she's doing well, but Mikami won't pass her because she has something against her.  The two men laugh.  The captain tells her that for Mikami, sending someone into the air who isn't fully qualified is the cruelest thing she could do.  Then he reminds her that trainees aren't allowed to use the elevator.

That night at the convenience store, Nakahara tries to tease Misaki for looking at a magazine advertising makeup as a secret to love.  But she shows him the picture of Yaki Curry she was looking at, which is a famous dish from her hometown.

They go to eat Tan Tan Men again.  Misaki tells Nakahara how annoying training is.  If the engineers do their jobs, there won't be any accidents, so emergency training really isn't necessary.  She tells him to do his best as an engineer.  Nakahara is insulted and says he's never even considered not doing his best.  He leaves Misaki to eat by herself.

The next day, training continues.  Sekiyama still can't go down the inflatable slide and the final exam is the next morning.  Misaki is happy and relaxed, which annoys Wakamura.  She leaves first with Sekiyama in tow.

"What a bad friendship." Misaki says to herself on the way home.  Then she spots Tsutsumi creeping along the street.  He's following Hirota who he says is going to a club with the scary guy.  He says Hirota might be tricked, she could get drugged and kidnapped so they have to save her.

Once they get upstairs, they see Hirota with four musclemen.  Tsutsumi cowardly pushes Misaki out to confront them.  

Misaki grabs Hirota and makes a run for it while the men follow.  The elevator doesn't come fast enough, so they escape into a hallway and find another elevator.

Hirota tells Misaki to mind her own business.  Tsutsumi tries to break up their argument, and both girls roughly push him.  When he falls, the elevator stops.

Director Dazai sees Mikami in the office preparing for the exam.  She tells him that it may be too difficult to pass all the trainees.  He smiles and tells her that not everything is as difficult as it seems.

Hirota blames Misaki for pulling her into the elevator.  Misaki blames Hirota for hanging around strange men all night.  Meanwhile, the security guard is asleep at his desk.

The girls continue to bicker.  Hirota says she didn't like Misaki from the start.  She herself had been the first to arrive at the induction ceremony, looking forward to it.  However Misaki had been late.  Misaki retorted that she was five minutes early.  But she was still the last to arrive and sat in the middle of the first row, Hirota points out.  "That was the only seat left!"  Misaki exclaims.

Hirota tells her that she dressed strangely, had a frivolous expression, then laid back in her chair, treating the rest of the trainees like idiots.  Misaki claims Hirota was the one treating people like idiots.  They are interrupted by Tsutsumi's emergency situation.  Namely, nature was calling, but there was nowhere for him to go.

By morning, Tsutsumi is in a good deal of pain.  Hirota is anxious because the exam will soon be starting. Misaki asks her why, if the exam is so important, does she hang out with men at night.  Hirota explains that she's working out at a gym to improve her body condition so she can do better as a cabin attendant.  Misaki looks to Tsutsumi.  "But there's a dangerous club..." he says.  Hirota tells him the club is in the building next door.  Misaki gives Tsutsumi the Evil Eye which he doesn't dare meet.

Hirota explains that she had to build up her strength after she dropped the life boat.  Misaki asks her why it's so important to her.  Does she want to become a first class cabin attendant to meet a rich man, or to go around the world collecting brand name products?

Hirota says that she wants the self confidence it will give her.  Her family has no money and she wears her sister's hand-me-downs, so she's self-conscious and hates that side of her.  If she becomes a cabin attendant, then her life can start over.

Tsutsumi asks if he can just pee and Misaki says no.  Then she tells Hirota that she wears clothes left by her brothers and she's glad to wear it.  The girls start banging on the door with renewed vigor and someone finally hears them.  

Once they're rescued, Misaki tells Hirota to show her the results of her training and rushes her out of there. They run to the exam even though they are sure to be late.  By that time Tsutsumi has reached his limit and creates a small accident.

Meanwhile, Mikami is telling the class that when an unexpected accident occurs, how well they respond and if they're able to save a life;  that's what they are looking for.  When Misaki and Hirota rush in, Mikami tells them they have no right to take the exam.

Misaki tells her that there was an emergency situation and it's alright for her, but asks that Hirota be allowed to take the exam.

Director Dazai walks in late and blames it on the train.  Sometimes it just can't be helped.  Mikami takes the hint and lets the girls take the exam.

All the girls perform well.  Hirota's strength training pays off, Sekiyama finds her courage and makes it down the slide, Wakamura completes the swim and takes the hand that Misaki offers to help her into the raft.

Misaki looks for Nakahara after the exam.  She apologizes for saying bad things about engineers and runs off.  Nakahara looks after her and smiles.

The results are announced and everyone has passed.  Misaki takes pride in putting on her uniform, though she is the last to arrive to class as usual.

There is still a lot of growth ahead for Misaki, but I'm glad that things aren't falling into place too quickly.  It makes the story believable and I have to admit that her misbehavior is fun to watch.  She and Hirota bonded, but I doubt they'll be buddies.  At least they have some respect and understanding for each other now.

It seems that the mysterious woman that Captain Sakurada and Intructor Mikami alluded to previously must have been a trainee that Mikami had gone easy on, and who therefore was ill prepared when an emergency occurred.  Misaki will be whipped into tip top shape before she's able to take flight.

Now that Wakamura has a crush on Nakahara, I have to wonder what will happen to her friendship with Misaki once the main pairing manifests.  Misaki, on the other hand, remains oblivious to Nakahara's charms, though they seem to be developing a close friendship.

This was an entertaining episode at poor Tsutsumi's expense.  Nothing like skillfully written toilet humor to lighten the mood!

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