Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// Infinite: Destiny (Ver. B)

I know fellow Inspirits are ecstatic with Infinite's album Destiny being released today. I am looking forward to seeing the boys hit NY in November.

The video for Destiny (Ver. B) was released yesterday. And here is my short breakdown for the video. Sorry darklings, no screenies this time. (I can't choose.)

As expected, the Infinite symbol has changed its look as it usually does for album releases. I think this one is my favorite.

The song gives off a "Chaser" like feel. With the lyrics pretty much giving off the signature stalker like feel of a boy that is desperately in love, even if she doesn't want him, he's not going anywhere. They are meant to be, lets be how we were before, don't leave, you are my destiny. You know, the usual. lol.

Sungkyu seems to have lost alittle weight while L looks like he's been working out some. Sungyeol has shorter hair than I remember. Sung Jong is still the angelic cutie. Hoya and Dongwoo strut their powerhouse moves and raps while Woohyun brings in his strong vocals to round up the group.

The video gives the boys some random superpowers towards the end which really didn't make much sense to me. But I like how all the boys get to showcase some talent and they look great. All in all, I love the song. The video is ok visually but that's about it. There's no real story to grasp on to but that's ok because the dance moves maintain the boys signature style. Not bad.

Watch the video.

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