Sunday, July 28, 2013

Craving something Tasty!?

I'm gonna make this short and sweet but I definitely had to post something about this. Pup-Chan and I have been wondering where these boys have been?

DaeRyong and SoRyong are back!

It's been about a year since their single "너 나 알 아" off their mini Spectrum and boy, have the fans been craving something Tasty!
I viewed the boys website: Tasty 2wins Official Website and its been plastered with a video for a teaser of their comeback video. Are you excited? Cuz I am.

It features the 2wins with more sophisticated and identical look. Its hard for me to tell who is Dae and So unless they have their mouth open. (so I can hear their voice, or see Dae's slight overbite. <3) Random dark imagery of silver items like a watch, a skull and some dancing. I have high expectations for the dancing for these guys in the video and even more so on the comeback stage live performances.

Once the video is up on Wooliment or Tasty's Youtube Channel I will post a MV Breakdown with screenies. For now, drool over the trailer and wait. Dragon Twins Fighting!

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