Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// EXO: Growl (Chinese and Korean Version)

I was not going to write a breakdown this week. There are too many videos coming out that spark my interest, not to mention that I am waiting on the Tasty video to be released so I post about it. There was an uncontrollable urge to write about this video so I shall. (And I SWEAR it had NOTHING to do with Kai and his NY cap.)

EXO...first Wolf, now Growl. I don't know but these boys have really showed their animalistic side. This song has flavor, a little bounce and some attitude. The lyrics scream manliness and I rather enjoyed it.

The video is shot with one camera and each member makes good use of it when the time is right. The uniforms, song and some dance moves keep things consistent and flowing with the theme of the album.

Differences between the video versions? They seem pretty similar, just switched around the team members a bit. The Chinese Version seemed darker in lighting. I like the Korean version of the video better but the members seem more playful with the camera in the Chinese version. (Maybe it's just me.) Either way here's both videos, enjoy!



Sorry, no more screenies from me until I get my computer fixed. :(

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