Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MV BREAKDOWN:// Baek Ji Young - Still In Love

Heartthrob Yeo Jin Goo (Hwayi- Monster Boy) stars as the leading man in Baek Ji Young's latest single, Still In Love.

The video had a few things that visually reminded me of Flower by B2st member Yong Jun Hyung.

Regardless, the soulful vocals of Baek Ji Young is a perfect portrayal of emotion and love in the ballad. So good that I may have cried (a little) watching the MV. The song and story go well hand and hand. Perfect blend of love, sorrow and pain, beautifully represented in the lyrics as well imagery.

Though it is a big change from my usual fangirling about cute boys, this post is about substance. One: Yeo Jin Goo is an amazing actor. (FYI he's jail bait at the age of 16 with a deep voice that would make you melt.) Two: Baek Ji Young has a lovely voice and definitely does not look 38. This video is oozing with talent and feels.

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