Friday, April 19, 2013

MV BREAKDOWN:// G-Dragon: Michi Go

So today I get my YouTube emails and I got to say that I was super excited to see that BIGBANG's YouTube account uploaded G-Dragon's "Go" ("MichiGo") video. This video has appearances by Se7en, Teddy and Taeyang and these guys are always a pleasure to see. "Go" is fun filled video (of course it is Silly, that's expected of GD.) and has this adorable man sporting some crazy hairstyles from a clean cut black mop-top closely reminiscent to his Heartbreaker days, a black afro, mo-hawk and a very cute half brown half black natural curl look.

My comments: At first scene I thought GD had some extra huge feet. :) I like pink and elephants so the mascot head was cool with me. His look with the natural curls and glasses was my favorite among them, and the innocent look really fits him. Too cute. (Though the spanking scene left me to wander a bit and if I am not mistaken there is a line that says "Nan Dessert"...yes GD, I'm sure you are...or maybe I am hearing things. I think its more along the lines of him having dessert, as in a female, not him being dessert but I can dream.)

I would love to be on set with these guys, they always seem to have so much fun and be so energetic. The song itself is an upbeat party song that will leave you wanting to dance.

Song: 3.5/5 Batz
Creativity: 4/5 Batz
Style: 4/5 Batz
GD: Priceless

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