Monday, April 8, 2013

First Impressions:// That Winter, the Wind Blows

This was not one of the dramas on my "Must See" list.  It's a remake of the 2002 dark Japanese melodrama, Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu, and was previously remade as a movie called Love Me Not starring Kim Joo Hyuk and Moon Geun Young in 2006.  I watched the movie and was traumatized by it, which means that it was touching and effective.  So I did not want to put myself through a 16 episode emotional wringer, even though it has a great cast.  And although he's not the male lead, Kim Bum is part of it;  be still my fangirl heart!

Looks like bromance!

Due to circumstances partially beyond my control, I did sit down and watch the first two episodes and found it charming and addictive.  Some plot details differ from the movie which does draw more sympathy for Jo In Sung's character.  Song Hye Kyo is the heart of this drama with her beautifully emotional performance.  And Kim Tae Hoon is effective in his villainous role.

Frames are shot in a way that gives the drama a romantic feel, even before romance begins:

The feeling is emphasized by the soundtrack.  The One's Winter Love is especially poignant and used to full effect.

For slash fans, there is rich content for creating fan vids in episode two.  Hopefully there will be more to come in future episodes!  Shh, don't judge...

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