Sunday, December 28, 2014

POW:// Lee Hongbin

Name: Lee Hongbing
Associated Group:VIXX
DOB: September 29, 1993
Position: Visual, Vocal

Favorite Artist: Park Hyo Shin
Follow him on Twitter: HERE

He is very stylish.

And sexy...
With classes he gives off a kind, intellectual and manly vibe.

In November, I had the pleasure of going to VIXX's showcase concert in NYC. With the release of high touch passes for the first 300 non-VIP ticket holders outside of the concert venue on the line, I lined up with friends early in the morning. It was pretty cold but worth the wait.

Now I am a fan of VIXX but my bias is Ravi. After the concert, fans lined up for high touch. I was super excited for this. I structured a game plan. My mission was to say thank you to all the members and confess my love to Ravi. That soooo didn't go according to plan. When the curtains opened Leo was front in line for high touch, I said thanks and went on to the next member. Who was the next member...I think it was Hyuk. My hand was grabbed longer than I expected and my brain shut off. I mindlessly high fived another member...Then Hongbin ruined my life.

He leaned into me and said "Thank you" (Yes in English) and shined his killer smile and adorable dimples at me. We met eyes and he has the most innocent doe-like eyes I have ever had the pleasure of losing myself in. I think I died.

My bias list was shattered into pieces. I let out a giggle and high fived the rest of the group. My consciousness was revived by the time I got to N as the final member and walked out the venue. I blink and yell..."WTH, I missed Ravi?!" So now, I still love Ravi but I screwed up my moment and Hongbin is forever etched in my mind. With this post, I hope you join me in my newly found POW.

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  1. This high touch story is so classic Batzy-chan! I'd say that even though you died, you still ended up winning. Gorgeousness up close is always a good thing!