Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MV BREAKDOWN:// Kim Taehyung: Someone Like You (Adele Cover)

It's V's 20th birthday! To celebrate, a video produced and sung by V himself, was posted BTS' Youtube account.

And here's the (rather short) MV BREAKDOWN:

I love the original song and his voice works perfectly with it. His English is a bit off but hell, his voice is smooth. (He did an amazing job.) I respect anyone that gives another language a try.

Similar to Adele's original video. V's emotions were displayed well in his actions and subtle movements. I felt it. (Or maybe that was fangirl feels...)

All in all, an adorable effort with a manly image. I wish he did the whole song, but I am sure that was hard enough to do. I would love to see him in a Drama, I think he is really good with expressing himself through action. (Please!?) I like seeing this side of our 4D Alien Tae.

With Jungkook's Sofa Cover and J-Hope's self choreographed Dance Practice recently released on their YouTube Channel, I am expecting the other members of BTS to release solo videos to showcase their talents. As an ARMY, I am looking forward to anything they do.

Happy #Virthday!

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