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Recap:// Nodame Cantabile Episode 8

Chiaki is shaken by his newfound memory, but tells Nodame that he's okay.

Kiyora tells everyone to practice individually. She leaves with Mine calling after her.

Chiaki feeds Nodame rice and canned food including deer, kangaroo and bear meat. Nodame thinks he must be shocked that the members weren't serious about the orchestra long-term. He denies it, but painfully remembers how they all considered R.S-Oke a temporary pastime.

When the phone rings, Nodame says she'll answer it since she's the wife. Chiaki throws her aside and takes the call. His mother is in Japan working on a project to support music students studying abroad. Chiaki looks at Nodame who is practicing introducing herself to his mother in a mirror. 

Chiaki's mother tells him that she met Strezemann in Europe, who wanted to her relay a message. "Be sure to send me Nagaoka Mami's Photo Book. I'm always watching over you, whether in Japan or elsewhere, we are always connected by music. I won't tolerate mediocrity."

The next day, Chiaki works on the score wtih renewed vigor. No matter when the orchestra disbands, the time he invests in it won't be a waste. Nodame approaches Chiaki with rice balls and tries to get him to eat and bathe, but he's too focused.

Sakura and Masumi are the only ones who show up for rehearsal. They wonder if the orchestra is really going to be prepared for the upcoming performance.

Kuroki stops by with flowers and asks if they know where Nodame lives. Masumi wants to know what he likes about her. Kuroki explains that she's cute, honest, cheerful and gentle. She dresses neatly and speaks politely.

Masumi argues that she's insensitive and presumptuous, wears the same clothes for days and utters strange sounds. She's a weirdo, wears one pieces dresses because they're easy to change out of, and her polite language covers up her accent. She steals other people's lunch boxes, shampoos only every three days and her place is a garbage dump. She suddenly turns into a mongoose and starts to dance. Kuroki insists that she wouldn't be such a weirdo.

Eto reminds himself not to get angry as he dances to Nodame's fart song. They finally complete it and Nodame starts to bid him farewell. He stops her at the door and shows her their other agreement; that after completing one song, Nodame will take a lesson his way. He gives her a stack of music and instructs her to pick out and study 10 scores out of them. Nodame's eyes roll back in her head.

Mine confronts Kiyora, reminding her that it's the concert master's job to take care of the orchestra when the conductor isn't there. She explains that everyone has to participate in competitions because winning means they have a better chance to be a world renowned soloist. She can't tell the members to make R.S-Oke a priority. Her teacher will be at the final round of competitions and she's under a lot of pressure to win. Mine wonders why they even bothered to start a new orchestra.

The teachers gather at Uraken where Eto reviews the Maradona Piano Competition entry form that he has filled out for Nodame.

Nodame is dismayed to find that Chiaki hasn't eaten the food she left for him. She spoon-feeds him pudding which he surprisingly eats.

Nodame prepares a bath and drags Chiaki to it. Chiaki seems distracted with work as she undresses him, but before she gets too far, he kicks her out.

Nodame looks at all the work Chiaki has been doing and contemplates her own assignment that she has yet to pick up.

Kuroki approaches Nodame's building while practicing inviting her to watch him in the next day's competition. Suddenly she races by him on the way to the market to buy eels on sale for Chiaki. She explains that he needs eel power. She goes on to reveal that Chiaki had almost drowned in the bathtub and it was just lucky she had sneaked a peek and found him. Kuroki is shocked. Sneaked a peek?

Nodame fights the crowd of housewives, but doesn't get close enough to grab any eel. She wonders if sea eel is also good for stamina. Kuroki apologizes for not helping, and Nodame tells him that he's already working hard in the orchestra. As for her, she can't relate to Chiaki through music at the moment. Kuroki comes to realize that Nodame likes Chiaki.

At the Nationwide Japan Music Competition the next day, Kuroki thinks about how all the time he was looking at Nodame, she was full of love for Chiaki. He tries to concentrate on the competition, but realizes he has soaked his reed for too long. As he rushes to make a new one, his name is called to come to the stage.

Kiyora is surrounded by reporters asking how she feels about winning second place. Mine runs up and asks what's wrong, and she tells him that it's her first time getting a stiff neck.

Her teacher, Kyle Dune, former Berlin Philharmonic concert master, arrives. He congratulates Kiyora, but says he expected her to win first place.

Reporters crowd around Kikuchi who came in first. Three of his girlfriends arrive to congratulate him and a fight ensues.

Chiaki looks up the results of the competition and is surprised to find Kiyora in second place, and Kuroki not on the board at all. He asks Nodame what she did to Kuroki. She replies that she just asked him for advice about her love problems.

Nodame assures Chiaki that she didn't cheat on him, and if he's worried, he should chain her up. He does, outside in the hall.

Kiyora says that she can't face her teacher or Chiaki. Mine tells her that he doesn't know about her teacher, but Chiaki won't desert a friend over one failure. He comforts her when she starts to cry, and they end up at a hotel.

Kiyora thinks about wanting to go onstage and decides she'll give her real performance as part of R.S-Oke. Kuroki also feels he wasn't able to show his true ability and vows to do better. Meanwhile, Mine sleeps on obliviously.

R.S-Oke's rehearsals resume. Chiaki is determined to do his best. He yells corrections at the members, reminding them that they're not soloists; they need to listen to the sounds around them and think about the meaning of each phrase. Mine, Masumi and Sakura are happy to see that Devil Chiaki is back.

Nodame watches Chiaki putting his all into his work. She remembers Strezemann telling her that as it stands now, she can't be with Chiaki. It brings her back to considering her own assignment.

The members are exhausted after five hours of practice with no break. Kiyora says she understands what Chiaki is trying to do, and it's getting interesting. Kuroki adds that performing as usual is not enough; they aren't up to Chiaki's speed at all. Masumi is happy that Kuroki is a samurai again.

Kawano and Sakuma arrive and report that they've sold 100 tickets and need more. Tickets are also selling well at Uraken, all thanks to the ad in Classic Life. The members are dumbfounded when they see the ad featuring Kikuchi as the "Mesmerizing Cellist", Kiyora as "The Orient's Bright Red Ruby", Chiaki as "The Young Lord of  Music" and Kuroki as "The Aloof Oboist". Everyone is inspired to practice more.

Chiaki dreams that he's just about ready to go out to the performance, when he finds himself stuck in an airline seat. He watches a bottle of pills roll by and is struck by wind. When he sees Nodame from behind, he grabs onto her.

Chiaki wakes up grabbing onto a startled Nodame. He tells her he's been having strange dreams stemming from the flight of ten years ago. After that emergency landing, he had a strong fear of flying. Nodame asks if aviatophobia is incurable. Chiaki explains that he has tried psychosomatic medicine, hypnotherapy, going to a medicine man and a psychic. Nothing worked.

Nodame brings out the pocketwatch given to her by Strezemann and begins swinging it. Chiaki starts to tell her that it won't work on him, when he falls into a deep hypnotic sleep. Nodame wakes him by clapping, and he resumes speaking as if he wasn't interrupted. Nodame experiments by swinging the watch again, and again Chiaki falls asleep.

Nodame runs to the bookstore to read about hypnotism and phobias caused by childhood experiences.

Chiaki feels that he's wavering because he still wants to go abroad. He's upset about his mental instability, but feels his confusion will be resolved with the orchestra.

Reina and Maki sell R.S-Oke t-shirts at Uraken in exchange for tickets to the concert. Mine's father models a Ryutarou (Mine's first name) shirt, urging everyone to buy it.

Women on the street recognize and gush over Mine. He enjoys the attention, telling Kiyora they should do their best, first calling her "concert master" then "My Bright Red Ruby". She seems grossed out. Mine points out the first star rising and Kiyora rushes off leaving him wondering what's bothering her.

Chiaki's mother calls and tells him that Saiko had contacted her about the concert. She asks if it's true that he has a new girlfriend, and if he's going to introduce her. Chiaki tells her that she doesn't have to come. He's fine and he has things he can do in Japan. Nodame sadly considers the pocketwatch and leaves.

Chiaki comes after Nodame to give her a concert ticket, but she tells him she already bought one. As he thought, it is for the cheapest seat. He switches it for his ticket, which is in a much better position. Nodame asks if it's the "girlfriend seat". Chiaki immediately denies it. Then she asks what he would do if his aviatophobia were cured. He pauses (she knows his heart is abroad) and tells her to come listen to his music.

Nodame considers the ticket and the pocketwatch, then hides the watch away under her bed. She justifies her decision by saying that amateurs shouldn't imitate hypnotists.

At the venue, Kawano is disappointed that though everyone seems excited about the orchestra members, no one knows who Chiaki is. Sakuma reminds her that he's yet to participate in any competitions, so he's not known outside of the school.

Tamaki and Hashimoto decide to see how bad Kuroki is, afterall he didn't even place in the national competition. Saiko meets Chiaki's mother in the lobby and Nodame sees them enter the hall together.

Kiyora sees her teacher in the audience and becomes anxious about failing again. Mine comforts her, telling her that she'll be fine because she's the one he fell for.

Since the oboe concerto is first, Masumi, Sakura and Mine encourage Kuroki (with Masumi affectionately referring to him as "Kurokin"). Kuroki thanks Chiaki for believing in him even after he failed miserably at the competition. Everyone's trust in him never wavered and he's going to prove himself worthy of that trust.

The audience is charmed by their exceptional performance. Hayakawa and Tamaki are completely awed by Kuroki's skill.

During intermission, the disbanded S-Oke members are impressed and want to join R.S-Oke. The guys are enamoured of Kiyora, while the girls squeal over Chiaki. Ookouchi insists that it's too early to judge, but he gets knocked over by passing fangirls.

Sakuma notes that professional orchestra members, famous conductors and critics are in attendance. To make it in music, it's not just about talent, but luck too. He waxes poetic about noble treasures of art that attract the attention of the crowd. Kawano brings him back to reality, telling him it's time to go back in.

Chiaki notices Nodame in the audience with her concentrated expression. He gives a passionate performance with the orchestra that moves her to tears. Sakuma wonders why, with his talent and passion for music, does Chiaki bear despair on his shoulders. He starts to yell "Bravo!", but Kiyora's teacher beats him to it. The orchestra receives a standing ovation, but Nodame sits and cries.

On the way out, Saiko is called away. Nodame approaches Chiaki's mother.

Chiaki reflects on the balconey. This country is always smoggy. The air is not clean and the sky is narrow. But it's not as disgusting as before. Nodame comes and tells him she has a present for him.

Chiaki thinks the present is the watch, but Nodame tells him to look at it first as she begins to hypnotize him. It's unbearable for her, but she persists for Chiaki's sake. During her conversation with Chiaki's mother, she learned that someone had died on that airplane ten years ago, though Chiaki doesn't remember it.

Once Chiaki is in a hypnotic trance, Nodame asks him about the person who died. He tells her it was an elderly man who was holding Vieira's concert program. He kept telling his wife, "Let's go again next year." Then the accident happened and the man needed his medicine. It had fallen onto the floor and Chiaki couldn't reach it before it rolled away down the aisle. He was the only one who knew about it.

Nodame takes his hand and assures Chiaki that it wasn't his fault. He was only a kid, and there was nothing anyone could have done at that point. She tells him he can let it go now. Then she sets a timer and says that God is calling for her, so she has to go.

Once in her apartment, Nodame studies the Schubert score. She had told Chiaki to wake up when the timer goes off. Once he opens his eyes, he will forget everything he experienced while his eyes were closed. It's alright, he can get on a plane now.

The timer goes off and Chiaki slowly opens his eyes.

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