Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day:// Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates have been asking their fans, 'What song should we do a cover for on Valentine's Day?'

Well the answer is finally here. Even though I requested Hoobastank's Reason on their facebook page, the chosen tune was none other than Ra.D's I'm in love. This marks R.P's first Valentine's Day with their fans (since debut), and this was an awesome way to display their love.

Moonchul's voice is hypnotic and both James and SY were quite charismatic while playing. Their rendition is sure to make some hearts flutter. It's calming and full of affection so enjoy this episode of RP Tv. It's good enough for me to almost wish I was in love. (And I mean love other than the love I have for RP. ;)) Prepare to swoon ladies and gents, and Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Oh my Gaaaawwwwd. I'm in love. If not for Batzy-chan I would totally miss out on these special moments since I've been so wrapped up in dramas. Komawo uri dongsaeng!

    1. That's great! You should check out their them on radio and ASC too!