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Recap:// Attention Please Episode 11

Misaki has come a long way from her flighty rocker-chick days. She's finally found her dream, suffered through disappointment and failure, but still managed to stay on the same course until the end. What will this new love triangle dynamic do to her? We are soon to find out. I think I'm going to miss this bumbling idiot. I relate to her in many all too embarrassing ways, as I'm sure many others did seeing as how it received an average rating of 16.3%.

 Yamasaki Shizuyo from Nankai Candies is back as Chii, Misaki's roommate in Attention Please!

It's the last day of On The Job Training, and Misaki wakes up to find that Chii-san has returned.

Wakamura's father notices that she's subdued. He mentions that she was late getting in the previous night, and she explains that there are still things to do after a flight.

Misaki and Chii chat in the apartment after Chii's long absence.

Misaki examines all the souvenirs that Chii-san brought back from her travels. Sand from the Sahara, a shaman pendant from the Amazons, canned reindeer meat... ? Misaki asks her what she's been doing and Chii-san says that you could call it Love Wandering.

Misaki tells her about the weird stalker who came over and give her his message that "Oka-chan isn't mad anymore." Chii suddenly gets up and says she has to go out.

Nishikido Ryo as Nakahara approaches Misaki on a bicycle.

Misaki hurries to work and Nakahara catches up to her on a bicycle and asks if she wants to ride together. She kicks him off the bike and pedals away, saying that she'll return it to the mechanics later.

Wakamura, Sekiyama, Misaki and Hirota gather in the corridor.

Wakamura is extra energetic and cheerful that morning. Sekiyama wonders if something good happened and Hirota remarks that with that glowing skin, it must be love. Misaki looks down and Sekiyama comments that, "It must have gone well."

Nagano and Mikami in the operation office.

In the operation office, Nagano tells Misaki that Mikami will be her instructor for the day. Instructors periodically reprise their roles as cabin attendants to keep up to date on the working environment.

Misaki and Wakamura face Nagao, Mikami and Asou.

Misaki bemoans the fact that Mikami will be watching her on her last day of training. Asou, Nagano and Mikami stop as one and turn back to the girls. Mikami asks if something is wrong and Misaki hurries to deny it. As they resume their walk to the plane, Wakamura suggests that the three women are like the Ultimate Trio. Misaki tells her that they've passed "ultimate" and are more like Hawk Sisters.

Kinoshita and Dazai smile out of the window.

In the office, Kinoshita comments that it's the last day of OJT and she hopes it passes without any trouble. Director Dazai joins her in looking hopefully out the window.

Misaki and the stern passenger in the aisle.

On the plane, Misaki offers to direct a couple to their seating assignment. The man glances at her badge and remarks that she's just a trainee and moves on. His wife apologizes for him.

Asou and the man with the afro and sunglasses.

A strange man sporting an afro boards the plane and recognizes Asou as Miss April. He shakes her hand enthusiastically before moving on to his seat. Asou calls Mikami and reports him as suspicious. Misaki agrees with the assessment, but Mikami tells her not to judge a person by their appearance and reminds her that it's her job to stay calm.

The man with the afro hides his face as Misaki serves him coffee.

During beverage service, the afro man hides his face as Misaki serves him coffee. When he sees Wakamura, he lights up and stands in the aisle to watch her. Mikami approaches him and asks if he's looking for something. He recognizes her has Miss May of 1992. Misaki seems to find him familiar at that point.

Tsutsumi, played by Koizumi Kotaro, speaks with Captain Sakurada in his office.

Tsutsumi goes to see Captain Sakurada and asks if this is really goodbye. The captain informs him that the exam results are in. He tells him that humans are living things, so no matter how much training and experience they accumulate, they still makes mistakes. So when a captain misses something, it's the co-pilot's job to catch it when it comes to safety. He tells Tsutsumi to have more confidence. From now on, he'll have to keep the skies safe as a co-pilot (essentially letting him know that he passed his exam).

Misaki leans down to speak with Wakamura's father.

The afro passenger watches Wakamura intently, so Misaki leans next to him and orders soba. "Coming right up!" he exclaims on reflex, then is dismayed that Misaki has caught him. He explains that he wanted to see his daughter at work just once, and pleads with Misaki not to blow his cover. Misaki assures him that she won't say anything. After all, it would be sad for Wakamura to find out that her father was there in such an outfit. She warns him not to draw attention to himself.

Misaki holds her head as the Mikami, Asou and Wakamura throw suspicions onto the afro-wearing passenger.

In the galley, Asou asks Misaki what the passenger said. Misaki says it's nothing and that the passenger really isn't suspicious, but won't say anything more. Mikami tells her that for safety reasons, all information must be shared. Wakamura comes in and complains that the afro passenger keeps staring at her. Mikami says she will have a word with him, but Misaki quickly volunteers to do it herself.

Misaki in the aisle and Wakamura's father and the older couple compare stories.

Misaki warns Wakamura's father that his daughter is suspicious and he needs to stay still. The difficult man who refused her assistance before, happens to be sitting across the aisle. He chastises Misaki for speaking to a customer that way. Wakamura's father interjects that Misaki is a friend of his daughter's who also happens to be a cabin attendant. The man's wife reveals that their daughter was a cabin attendant too, but she married and retired. They are on their way to see their first grandchild.

The men argue and Mr Wakamura looks back and gives his daughter a goofy thumbs up.  She stares at him, mortified.

Misaki goes back to the galley to assure the others that the passenger isn't a problem, it's just his fashion that is questionable. Just then they hear an argument break out. The difficult man comments that the cabin attendants in his daughter's time were of a higher standard. Wakamura's father argues that the current attendants are just as qualified. The difficult man says to call them stewardesses and Wakamura's father disagrees. Then the difficult man pulls off the afro and everyone is surprised as Wakamura recognizes her father. He gives her the thumbs up, but she cringes and runs away.

Nakahara and Tsutsumi talk in the hallway.

Back at the airpport, Tsutsumi seeks Nakahara out to give him the good news that he made co-pilot. Nakahara asks him why he felt the need to inform him and Tsutsumi explains that he thought he should since they will both be carrying the airline on their shoulders from now on. He says that if something ever happens on a plane that he's flying, he hopes Nakahara will come to the rescue again. Nakahara tells him to stop kidding around. As Tsutsumi leaves, Nakahara congratulates him. Tsutsumi asks him if he wants to go speed dating together and Nakahara answers, "Never."

Misaki checks on the man who has collapsed on the bathroom floor.

On the flight, the difficult passenger goes to the restroom. Wakamura's father has to go soon after and everyone notices him knocking on the door. Misaki tries to quiet him down, but he tells her that there's no answer no matter how much he knocks. Misaki opens the door and finds the man collapsed on the floor.

The passenger is revived with CPR.  The other passengers rise and look over the seats to find out what's going on.

Misaki asks Wakamura to make an all call. Mikami and Asou arrive to assist with CPR and they are able to revive the passenger who turns to Misaki and thanks her. Wakamura's father gives the news to the cabin and everyone applauds.

Later in the operation office, Nagano reports that the passenger is in stable condition at the hospital. Asou compliments Wakamura on working hard.

Sekiyama, Hirota and Murayama are all smiles.

Murayama approaches Sekiyama and tells her that she improved greatly. Sekiyama is overjoyed after all the stress she had experienced training under Murayama, the Iron Woman, and Hirota celebrates with her.

Sitting in the lounge, the girls look to Misaki and her unusually melancholy expression.

In the lounge, the girls trade stories and Hirota exclaims that they just might all pass the OJT together. Misaki is in a somber mood and wonders if she can go on alone. She says that she thought first aid was just for training and never expected to have to really perform it. The other girls confess that they get scared too, it's not just Misaki.

Sekiyama gets up and tells everyone not to be so down. She says that it's all Misaki's fault. She needs to be full of energy because that's where the group gets its courage. Misaki jumps up and starts cheering everyone up. But when she asks Wakamura where her hyper mood from the morning went to, Wakamura looks depressed and leaves.

Misaki and Sekiyama take up positions on each side of Wakamura, offering tissues.

Misaki and Sekiyama follow Wakamura to the locker room where she tells them that it didn't work out with Nakahara. She starts crying and the girls rush to offer her tissues.

Captain Sakurada and Engineer Watanabe shake hands.

Engineer Watanabe finds Captain Sakurada in the lobby. He tells him that he's heard of his retirement. The captain tells says he's going to devote himself to raising the young. He thanks Watanabe for providing great ships for him to fly, and they shake hands.

Misaki, Wakamura and Sekiyama talk in the locker room.

Wakamura feels relieved after crying. She says she thinks she knows why Nakahara dumped her. Sekiyama looks worried about what she's going to say, but Wakamura tells them that Nakahara just doesn't know a good girl when he sees one.

Then Wakamura starts in about how embarrassed she was of her father. Misaki reassures her that he just wanted to see her working hard and was looking out for her.

Wakamura dotes on her father at their soba shop.

Wakamura goes home and finds her father drinking sake. She asks him why he came wearing the afro. He says it seems like only yesterday when she was just a child and now she's a full-fledged cabin attendant. She smiles and asks him what she should cook for him. He insists he doesn't want anything, but she goes to the kitchen to prepare him something anyway.

Instructor Mikami's class waits anxiously in the classroom.

The next morning, the class waits anxiously to hear the results of the OJT training. Misaki rushes in at the last moment which worries Wakamura even more. Finally Director Dazai comes in with Mikami and announces that everyone has passed. The class erupts into cheers.

They go through the ceremony of returning their trainee badges to Mikami. Hirota thanks her for all her help and tells her that she'll never forget the emergency evacuation training.  When it's Sekiyama's turn, she thanks Mikami and says she's now able to take a little pride in her work.  Wakamura tells Mikami that she'll never forget her time training.

Misaki returns her trainee badge to Mikami.

Misaki says that she really hated Mikami, but she wouldn't be there right now if it weren't for her. She appreciates all the scolding Mikami gave to get her there. Compared to any textbook, Mikami was the one she learned from most. Mikami is tearful and tells Misaki to hurry and take her seat.

Director Dazai smiling in a goofy way, makes his confession to Mikami and Kinoshita's shocked expressions.

In the office, Director Dazai comments that everyone has grown up. He tells Mikami and Kinoshita that he had met Misaki in the hallway when she had first come for an interview. The instructors are shocked when he tells them that he had asked the interviewer to keep Misaki because she was so interesting. He hadn't said anything before because he didn't want them to get mad at him. He wanted Misaki to be a cabin attendant with a new kind of charm and says it'll be fun watching her grow. The two women agree.

Misaki and Mikami in the model cabin.

Mikami goes to the model cabin and finds Misaki there. Misaki asks her if she thinks she can do it. If an emergency happens like it did the day before, she'll have to handle it on her own. Mikami assures her that no matter where she flies, she's never alone. She will have her colleagues with her. With a trustworthy partner, anything can be resolved. Mikami tells her to cherish her colleagues. Then she orders her to pull herself together and asks where that brazen attitude went to. Misaki stammers that she was young back then. Mikami confides that she doesn't dislike the proud and confident Misaki. She asks her not to forget the great qualities that she had in the beginning.

Misaki holding a basketball as she and Nakahara talk on the court.

Nakahara finds Misaki at the basketball court that night. She admits that she kind of knows what being a cabin attendant means to her, but she can't put it into words. He asks how she can say she knows then. She tells him to be quiet and says that she'll continue to strive to be the world's best cabin attendant. He thinks she's being childish and asks how old she is. She tells him to leave her alone. This is the first time in her life that she's been serious about anything.

Misaki and Nakahara gaze at each other.

Misaki comments that she has buddies in the sky. And on the ground... she looks at Nakahara meaningfully. Then she lightens the mood and wonders what they will be doing five or ten years down the line. Nakahara claims he will be working hard being the best airline engineer there is. Misaki hopes she'll be working hard too. Nakahara thinks she'll probably still be getting scolded. Misaki tells him that he's mean, but if it happens and she can't bear it, will he take her up into the sky again? He agrees and she suggests going for ramen.

Misaki's mouth hangs open as Chii smiles at her in the airport lobby.

The next day, the girls are rushing so as not to be late for the reception. Misaki's jaw drops as she spots Chii in the lobby wearing a cabin attendant's uniform. Chii apologizes for being so mysterious and says she was on leave.

Chii speaks forcefully enough that Okaba, Misaki, Sekiyama and Wakamura physically lean back.

Just then Okaba approaches and Misaki receives another shock to find out that he's a pilot. Chii says that thanks to Misaki, they're both back in action. Okaba asks Chii if she's ready to go and she forcibly says she's looking forward to working with him.

Chii smiles sweetly with Okaba hovering in the background.  The girls give stunned stares.

As they walk away, Chii tells Misaki to do her best as there are so many fun things about the job. The girls stare after them, still in shock.

Tsutsumi gets rejected by Hirota at the reception, but Sekiyama brings him a plate of food.

At the reception, Tsutsumi approaches Hirota for a date now that he has three stripes. However, Hirota has met the perfect man; a captain with four stripes. She leaves and Sekiyama offers Tsutsumi a plate of food. He thanks her and compliments her double eyelids.

Mikami and Captain Sakurada smile at each other at the reception.

Captain Sakurada and Mikami remark on how they will be working together as instructors. He asks her if she will give him another chance at bowling and she agrees.

Kinoshita and Dazai enjoy the party.  The girls huddle up and then all lean back in a circle.

Kinoshita says they can be relieved now that everyone passed training. Director Dazai reminds her that the next round of new hire recruiting is about to begin. They notice the girls doing a weird huddle and wonder what they're up to.

The girls are surrounded by stage lighting as they begin their song.

The room darkens and Misaki's silhouette appears onstage. She thanks everyone and announces that the Mikami-gang won't go out without a bang. The screen goes up and reveals the girls with instruments and amplifiers. Everyone enjoys their rock and roll performance.

Misaki looks on calmly as a ruffled rocker chick runs up to ask for directions.

A rocker chick runs up and breathlessly asks Misaki where the training center is. Misaki finds out that it's her first day as a trainee. After getting directions, the girl runs off. Misaki looks after her and wishes her good luck.

Ueto Aya as Misaki Yoko

Misaki is all grown up, a competent, life-saving cabin attendant that she can be proud of. In the end, she comes face to face with her former self and can look on maternally as she takes the first step of her journey.

For a family friendly comedy, I think the series was wrapped up pretty well. Misaki is starting her career with good friends by her side. I'll have to be content with the meaningful looks and silences she shared with Nakahara as fulfilling their romance. After all, they're young - there's no rush, and Wakamura will need some time to get over her one-sided crush.

Mikami's love life was more satisfying. After Captain Sakurada's hilarious missed strike, there is the promise of another chance. And Sekiyama seems to be taking her chance with Tsutsumi as well. Good luck with that player, girl. He's a sweet guy, though, so you never know.

I love that Nankai Candies made another appearance in the end, though it would have been better if Chii had been the pilot, and Okubo the cabin attendant. Let's break out of the box a little!

All in all, it was a fun, light series that made me reflect on my own work experiences. Now onto the first special that takes Misaki to Hawaii!

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