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Recap:// Attention Please Episode 10

Misaki seems to be getting the hang of her job, although for someone like her, that can spell trouble. Over confidence has always tripped her up in the past. Everyone is striving to reach their goals both on personal and professional fronts, and even failure brings them one step closer to where they need to be.

Misaki finds herself to be the object of affection for one amorous passenger. She manages to extract herself from his grasp, and finds a celebrity musician on the flight. After Misaki shoos away an autograph seeker, the celebrity offers to let Misaki listen to her new song. She says that something is missing from it and Misaki offers some advice, explaining that she used to be a rocker.

Then Misaki asks for an autograph and Asou comes to take her away and give her a scolding. The celebrity comes to the galley and gives Misaki autographs which at first Asou begins to reproach her for. When Misaki shows Asou that she got one for her as well, the two of them are giddy together much to Hirota's surprise.

When they arrive at the hotel for their layover, Misaki notices that men are looking at her and mentions to Asou and Murayama that she's become a woman to be desired. But, she amends, she's not at their level yet. When she looks to them, she sees that a woman is a woman from the age of 30. Asou admonishes her that she's only in her twenties. Murayama exclaims that she's still 29. Hirota arrives to distribute the room keys and mentions that Murayama's birthday is the day after tomorrow. Murayama is not pleased, and Asou stifles a laugh.

Misaki pounds on Hirota's door and bursts in saying it feels like a junior high school trip. Hirota tells her that they can't rest, they need to be down in the lobby to meet the captain for dinner.

Back at the office, Instructor Kinoshita comments on this being Misaki's first overnight trip. She hopes she doesn't confuse it with a school trip and do something like instigate a pillow fight. At that very moment, Misaki is doing just that.

At dinner, the captain decides to celebrate Murayama's birthday early, to her chagrin. They all have wine and Asou gives her expert opinion as to its flavor. Hirota is transfixed, even though as Tsutsumi points out, she understands none of it. Misaki is trying to crack her seafood and it flies into Asou's glass. Captain Sakurada plays it off revealing that he had once sent his clam sailing to the next table.

The captain decides to treat everyone since it may be the last time he has dinner with them. When asked why, he says it's nothing. The waiter informs them that the check has already been paid by the gentleman at the next table. They look over and see Misaki's amorous passenger from the flight.

The waiter hands Misaki a card that reads: Your smile is more beautiful than any jewel on Earth. Even if I had to exchange it for all the jewels I have, I want you. To my beloved Misaki-sama. I am your slave. From Jewel King Shakil.

Later in the bath, Misaki is gleeful over the sudden proposal. She reads her horoscope which states that there is an extreme chance of love and an unexpected occurrence in store for her.

On the flight back, a passenger invites Misaki to dinner. Hirota just can't figure out why. Misaki is pleased with the attention she's getting, and with her performance in providing prompt service. In fact, the flight is delayed in landing because she was still serving a beverage and finding a lost earring

Engineer Watanabe tells Nakahara to take the shift lead for the day. When Nakahara balks, Watanabe tells him that if he's always afraid of making a mistake, he'll never move forward. In the end he assigns the lead to another engineer.

Wakamura reads her horoscope which tells her that she can now express her feelings. If she misses this chance, her circumstances will remain the same forever. She decides she must confess to Nakahara. Coincidentally, he's walking along the same hallway, but he's looking at a book and passes by without even noticing them. Wakamura tells Sekiyama that she must go after him, but Sekiyama is on the floor in a dead faint. Wakamura rushes to revive her.

Misaki catches up to Captain Sakurada in the lobby and he mentions that she took some time with preparing for landing. Misaki thinks she was providing good service in fulfilling all the passengers' requests before she sat down, but the captain explains that safety comes first. When the seat belt sign goes on, she is to control the cabin and take her seat.

Hirota and her friends talk about Misaki's proposal from the Jewel King and the dinner invitation from the IT analyst. They wonder about these men with money, but bad taste in women. Wakamura arrives with Sekiyama who has ben diagnosed by the clinic as having over-worked herself.

Sekiyama worries that she's not cut out for the job, but the others rush to assure her that OJT (On the Job Training) has been hard for all of them, and they've even lost weight because of it. Sekiyama cries out, then why is she the only one who has gained weight? After just drinking water for two days, she has still gained 500 grams.

Tsutsumi approaches Captain Sakurada at his desk and asks who the inspection pilot will be for the following day's pilot exam. The captain says that getting on good terms wtih them ahead of time won't work and asks why Tsutsumi never tries to do his best in the right way.

Misaki sees Nakahara sitting in the lobby and tells him that she got yelled at by Captain Sakurada. She says there are things you won't know unless you try, but it was her first time seeing the captain's face like that. Nakahara tells her that it's surprising how she's fine with that all the time.

Nakahara finds Tsutsumi practicing for the pilot's exam. He seems nervous and Nakahara remarks that if he doesn't have confidence, he may not be able to do anything. Tsutsumi says it's scary, but you have to believe in yourself. You can't go forward if you're scared. Seeing his dedication, Nakahara sits down and helps Tsutsumi practice.

At the soba shop, Sekiyama hesitates to eat. Misaki tells her to eat or she'll collapse again, and Wakamura's father asks what's wrong. Wakamura tells him that it's a woman's delicate problem, and ushers him into the kitchen. Misaki asks Sekiyama if she wants a model's body, or if she wants to be a reliable cabin attendant.

When Wakamura returns to the table, Misaki tells her that she shouldn't avoid her issue either. Nakahara is slow, so he won't get the message with just the love aura. Wakamura will have to take action. Sekiyama feels encouraged and starts to eat.

Captain Sakurada comes to Instructor Mikami's office with karukan (sweet cake) and asks her for a drink or bowling. Mikami asks him why he didn't tell her. If she had known, she would have wanted to go on it with him. What is she talking about? All hints have been leading to the captain's retirement, but we'll find out more later.

The following day, Tsutsumi's exam is part of the flight. During a check, one of the doors shows a warning message on the monitor and the captain requests another inspection. Tsutsumi makes a nervous announcement to the cabin regarding the delay.

Wakamura waits for her chance to catch Nakahara alone. As she's about to confess, another engineer comes to get Nakahara to perform the emergency inspection. They report to Watanabe who asks Nakahara to handle it.

Nakahara arrives on the scene to reset the system in order to see if the warning message is just an error. Meanwhile the passengers start to complain and Misaki can't control the situation in the cabin, so Asou intervenes.

As time wears on, the passengers become more and more aggravated. Nakahara has to take his time and reset the system properly to ensure everyone's safety. When the baby on board starts crying, it escalates tempers and a couple of passengers start heading to the cockpit. Misaki sings Happy Birthday to the baby after having seen the date embroidered on her bib. That quiets the baby and the passengers become more tolerant. Misaki then announces that Murayama is also celebrating her 30th birthday and everyone applauds and joins in on another round of song.

The plane is cleared for takeoff. Nakahara comes out of the cockpit to come face to face with Misaki. They give each other enthusiastic thumbs ups before Nakahara disembarks and the flight gets underway.

Sekiyama is able to use her own experience to reassure a passenger who had been especially temperamental and had refused water thinking it would just make her fat.

The captain makes an announcement to apologize for the delay and also to inform everyone that this is his last flight as a pilot. Later Tsutsumi asks him why he's suddenly leaving. Captain Sakurada explains that at his last checkup, there was a  problem with his lungs. Although he still passed the exam, his flights would be limited and he decided that since he could not fly perfectly anymore, it was time to go. He urges Tsutsumi to do a good job.

Asou and Murayama present a bouquet to the captain, and then in Mikami's office, he receives another bouquet from her. Misaki arrives and asks him if he's really quitting. He confirms it, and thanks her for saving them. He tells her that she's a good singer and asks if she wants to start a choir. She tells him that she'll never forget the lecture that he gave her and thanks him, then excuses herself. Captain Sakurada turns to Mikami and tells her that she raised a great new hire.

Misaki sits with Nakahara in the lobby and tells him about the captain retiring. Then she says she was inspired when Nakahara came and saved them all by himself like a real engineer. He tells her that her singing really sucked. But as she gets up to leave, he confesses that she was amazing. He tells her that it was his first time doing a repair like that and he was nervous, but her singing gave him courage. He thanks her and she looks touched. He thanks her again and they stand there looking at each other for a few moments, then he suggests that they go for ramen. Misaki hurries to change out of her uniform.

Mikami and Captain Sakurada go bowling and he gets a strike. Mikami suddenly thanks him and says that when she had thought of quitting, he told her, "You still have things to do here even if you're not a cabin attendant." She tells him that she's really glad she became an instructor and thanks him again.

Captain Sakurada asks Mikami if she would like to make a bet with him. If he gets another strike, she should marry him. She looks shocked and he says he was just kidding. But as he turns to bowl, she agrees, to his shock and surprise. Captain Sakurada throws the ball and they look on hopefully.

Unfortunately, one pin remains standing.

Misaki changes her clothes and goes to where Nakahara is waiting for her. Wakamura has gotten there first, though, and confesses her feelings to Nakahara. Misaki turns and leaves.

On the way home, Misaki thinks about how glad she is that Wakamura has finally told Nakahara how she feels. Then she stops, troubled, as she realizes that she likes Nakahara herself.

Romance finally comes into play in this, the second to the last episode! The atmosphere surrounding Mikami and Captain Sakurada is sweet and comical. Will they really let the missed strike determine their relationship? Ordinarily I'd say no, but since this is a Japanese drama, they could very well go their separate ways after this.

As for our love triangle, it's hard to say how it'll play out. Can Misaki really get together with Nakahara in front of her close friend who has been admiring him for so long? At least it won't be too drawn out since there's only one episode left.

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