Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Artist Alert:// IMFACT

Star Empire, home to ZE:A (which if I am not mistaken aren't even together at the moment, with members in the military at the time of this post.) and Nine Muses, has brought us a new batch of boys to possibly wreck some bias lists. A series of Youtube videos have been uploaded to help introduce the boys to all of us fangirls and fanboys alike. Members lines range from 93' to 98'. I feel that the intro videos for each member does well in displaying what each person brings to the table. My only hope is that they debut with the same amount of appeal or more.

They just released their debut single "Lollipop", an upbeat tune that you can't help but dance to.



LeeSang (aka my Mr. Right Now Bias.)




Video Source: IMFACT Youtube Image and Information Source: IMFACT Official Website

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