Saturday, January 9, 2016

MV BREAKDOWN:// GIRIBOY (기리보이): Hogu (호구)

Don't let the cuteness fool you.

In this colorful video, GIRIBOY is a man who is in love with a rotten girl. It tells a tale of a man who is being...
"sucked dry"
"eaten alive"
and treated like a "personal atm/(piggie) bank"
...when the girl that he loves is using him whenever she needs something. The video and lyrics go well in a quirky and cutesy display of someone who has turned into a "sucker for love". GIRIBOY tells the story so vividly and it's only right to have a video that can convey it visually as well.

The tempo is pretty mellow and allows for relaxed listen. The colors, while vibrant, are not overbearing. It sounds like a feel good song but the lyrics kindda speak otherwise.

Check out the MV below GIRIBOY(기리보이): Hogu(호구) (Prod. by Fisherman of wybh) (Feat. BrotherSu(브라더수)). *pinches Giriboy's cheeks*

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