Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MV BREAKDOWN:// YOUNHA(윤하) : Get It?(알아듣겠지) (Feat. HA:TFELT, & Cheetah(치타))

Younha plays a good girl that is pushed to the verge of bad girl, as she asks for the truth while she is still calm.It represents how a woman, who knows her man is lying, is giving him a chance to come clean while she is sweet and innocent. The longer he tries to hide it or go around coming clean, then she won't be so nice and understanding about it.
This trio is a perfect fit in this colorful yet dark undertone of a video. The song has an insistent chorus that disguises the message of the song and is so fitting for it.
Fun fact, Cheetah mentions she's Frank Abagnale in her rap. Who is that? Frank Abagnale was known for his check forging and conman stuff back when he was younger. He was so good at it that he was eventually hired by the FBI to pretty much stop document theft and had expertise in forgery.

So what did she mean when she said that? Well she means she can spot bullshit. There is no use in lying boy so you better tell me the truth, I am an expert at spotting counterfeits (lies). Well said, ladies.

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