Sunday, July 12, 2015

MV BREAKDOWN:// GOT7: Just Right

The boys of Got7 releases the MV for "Just Right". It's the first single of their 3rd Mini Album of the same name.

The official teaser for the single was released a few days ago. It shows a sad little girl scrubbing the hell out of her face with those electric face scrubber things. (I don't know,I am not girly enough to know the proper term for what I am sure can just be called a face scrubber thing.) Then the screen flashes with bright colors and bodiless members of Got7. Their heads floating and bopping around to repetitive and sporadic bursts of sounds that gives you a taste of the playfulness to come during the full MV.

Not too long after that, they release a video as a mini album spoiler. Check out some snippets from the album here.

"Just Right" is an upbeat song containing vibrant colors and cute choreography. The song also has a great message. You're beautiful the way you are.

If Got7 says that they love you just the way you are, then it's gotta be true. I am sure IGOT's are loving this.

Watch the video below.

Got7's "Just Right" Mini Album is set to be released July 13th.

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