Monday, September 1, 2014

Batzy & Panda's Art Challenge #1

In an attempt to be better fangirls and work towards making the drawings of our biases recognizable, we have decided to have monthly art challenges. Each of us will draw a picture in whatever style we choose, then the other will have to guess who it is. Feel free to guess in the comments as well.

Panda's Entry:

Hint #1: My skills fail, but if you cover his eyes and just look at the shape of his face, nose and mouth, you may be able to figure out who this is.
(I might have to add more hints - this drawing is embarrassing!)
Batzy's Entry:

Ok. So I did not want to color him because I am EXTREMELY pissed off at how he came out. This was stressful as hell. There's no way you will guess who he is because he looks nothing like who I tried to make him be. The fangirls are gonna kill us for these attempts Unnie.I wanna poke the eyes out of this picture. I am even more embarased, atleast yours looks human. *dies*
Hint #1: He is in character, as the second male lead in a drama.

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